During the weekend, Chennai happened during the weekend. Had been hearing all these tales of the narrow-mindedness there, horror stories of acute regionalistic feelings. Wasnt expecting much, but I came out pleasantly surprised of what little I saw of Chennai.

Not many know Hindi; but can manage with English keywords. Autowallahs definitely try to fleece as much as possible; but being a Hyderabadi I know how that works; so yeah not much of a huge difference there; atleast not like Delhi types; sweet words and sheathed swords 😉

The Elliots beach is a mess, literally; so much crap everywhere; its strewn with lots of rubble and rubbish.  Met an autodriver who was actually a B.Com diploma holder! Guess Ill kick myself in the shins forever for not getting know him more. Another autowallah was actually charging much less than in general; and we tipped him (yep, suckers we are!).

One thing i shall regret though; is not travelling the two days in Chennai by bus.  Learnt one to two words of Tamizh too; and some queer way of writing English.

The ‘h’ is read as ‘g’. Jahan is read as ‘Jagan’. And the ‘zh’ as the ‘ll’ (the ‘l’ sound when the tongue touches the top of your mouth). ‘Thamizh’ as ‘Tamil’.

‘Seeghrama Thanni Kondu Waanga’ (Please get me water quickly).

the E=MC2 of procrastination

I have no New Year resolution this year atleast nothing that tells me to wake up at insanely unearthly hours and sweat it out in the cold. This I learnt from the past experiences. Dr. Piers Steel has worked 10 years on the topic of procrastination and has his own theory on the same.

Steel has also come up with the E=MC2 of procrastination, a formula he’s dubbed Temporal Motivational Theory, which takes into account factors such as the expectancy a person has of succeeding with a given task (E), the value of completing the task (V), the desirability of the task (Utility), its immediacy or availability (Ã) and the person’s sensitivity to delay (D).

It looks like this and uses the Greek letter Ã: Utility = E x V/ÃD

But do I need to really need a research for 10 years to tell me if the new year resolutions work and procrastination is not exactly a good thing? I dunno, maybe Ill start a research topic sometime soon titled ‘Understanding blogging from the focal point of an inverse relation relation between time spent and productivity’

market truism:

Products are designed by marketers, not technologists.

… said Mahesh Murthy. He went to explain that a marketer is simply one who understood what the consumer wants/needs, understands how he can create a market/product out of it and build it and sell it. No truer words were spoken that day.

Im in a rush right now; but sure will try as hell to get a review of In the meantime you might want to see gokul’s blog. He live blogged proto like none other.

world’s greatest dad

Without doubt the world’s greatest dad is Dick Hoyt. To know what I mean you may want to read the story here.

To know more about the wonderful father-son relation, This is a beautiful story that needs to be read. A truly humbling moment for me personally, just as a proof as how far people can stretch themselves when in love.

Here’s to Team Hoyt. Cheers!

put mallika in jail

  • the customers are not at fault; the prostitutes are!
  • mr amitabh killed a man in a movie; lets stop him now itself, lest he kill a thousand men!

if we were to go by the logic of this man! if that ridiculous article is not enough, have a look at the first comment following it. thats some logic, if you can dare call that one. these rediff message board i say you, are great fun for bored minds.


1984 – Mac. I missed this milestone.

2001 – iPod. There.

2007 – iPhone. There!

Lots of rumors later. Lots of speculations later. We have one single device : iPod + mobile phone + internet connectivity device all in one. Isnt that gorgeous? A thing of beauty.


Apple has this knack of thinking ahead of the masses. And what a way to think. Keypads have been one of my worst technological phobias and thats one of the many reasons why i still own a Nokia 3310. And now with the touchscreen thing, the cumbersome keypad must be history. Only thing that I have been worried about since a long time with a touchscreen is the problem of SCRATCHES. Of course, if iPhone is scratchproof, then …

In the meantime though, hop over to Engadget to read a blow by blow account of the MacWorld Expo and iPhone. Im just going gaga over it and there this one goes into my wishlist… The question is how well it works in India! Will it?

Oh and btw Apple Computers, Inc will henceforth be known as Apple, Inc! Think about that!

Superman meets Apocalypse

Where? What? How? Dont wonder reader & think no far. Its just me!

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I am Apocalypse

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