a depressed soul

What happens to a mind that thinks
and thinks and thinks
and thinks?

Is it lost in the labyrinth
dark, unwelcome and where dangers abound?
Is it lost in the crowd
busy in their own pithy lives?

The mind is but a experiment
gone haywire and out of control
the frankenstien’s monster
out to kill the mind that makes it work?

The mind is blunt, soft and gel
pain, doubt, fear and anger
abound and borne,
kill, grow and ripen into angels noir.

The mind needs rest, the mind has to stop,
to think and muse, and fear and loathe,
the objects it sees, and feels and hears…
The things it loves, it loves to hate,
the strength of the weak, it hates too much,

The mind innocent, tries to find answers,
answers to actions of meanings none.
Disconnected words and logic illogical
that masquerades as thinking of minds aloof.

Inflicting on itself, pain, fear and loathsome gain.
the mind needs to stop, to think and think,
the mind has to cease, the mind has to stop,
the mind has to die.

*btw, dont worry. im ok*


what would you do?

What would you do if you knew you would never fail?

My thought was that i would try to do anything and everything i wanted to do, from bizarre to the most absurd and physically impossible. defy gravity, and many others…

But the most common answer i got when i asked my friends was “nothing”

That was quite strange.

All, can you please put in the first thought that you get in your mind. Only the first thought only please.

*I wish to consolidate all the comments and add them to this post itself*

first time for last time

sometimes when im in my best thinking caps, and want to give myself a good thrust to be more proactive, i ask myself
when was the last time you did something for the first time?
what would you do if you knew you would never fail? (more on this very soon…)

Why am i saying this? Cuz last week i did two new things for the first time…

  • Tried my hand at cooking. So here comes the chef. in his Biryani and the mutton curry
    • Planning to repeat this success this week too
  • Saw a Star Wars movie in a theatre and on a first day
    • A good tribute to a good epic
  • Went to a Chinese Restaurant. Its been only the Chinese kiosks till now.
    • Eating in restaurant costs money
  • Ate a pizza in office
    • Dominos is costly. Whoever was that that said about a Happy Price Menu. [was it even dominos?]
  • Bowling. My score is now 98[up from 55]. Bowlers here i come!!!
    • And i have my bet with a friend of mine who is quite a regular bowler[@168] whom i challenged to beat from about the 6th time of my bowling. And im yet to go to my 3rd.

*i had to write this lest i forget that i really did do something good on my weekend* 🙂


“So what do you think? She loves me?”

“Well yeah, but the chances are like you winning the grand european lotto”

“Oh so you do think that i have a chance?”

“Havent you heard what i said? Its like 1 in a million!”

“Yeah i get that. But it says i do have a chance”

“Forgotten your high school maths friend? What does probability tell you?”

“Well it tells me however bleak the chances, i do have a chance”

“See maths doesnt teach me to disbelieve in things. It teaches me to believe in them. It forces me to believe that however bad they appear on paper, i always have a chance”

“Well you are a hopeless theist arent you?”

“Whats wrong in believing in god? When you can believe that atoms exist and electrons exist, and even quarks, leptons and mesons, and that, when you havent seen or felt them? You believe because of the qualities they exert on some other phenomena, right…? Then why is it that this abstract mind of yours is revolted at the idea of a god whose presence is in the nature all around and manifest everywhere? You need the prism to prove to you that light consists of seven colors but then you always had it staring you in your face…the rainbow.”

“Someday you will come up with the theory that all the creatures, animate and inanimate, in this world are connected by a single source of energy, and that this energy is present in all the beings and flows through them…And some fine day you might even call it the devil, which we have been all along calling as god”

a weekend

lessons learnt from doing a nightout on thursday night at office

  • to start off, you need to have a reason to do a nightout
  • just like that’ is not a reason enough
  • you need to have some semblance of a work place at night, which means you should not be the only guy doing some work
  • nightouts tire you out no matter what and you need to sleep the next day
  • if no work, go home
  • going home stretches your weekend to three days instead of two!
  • the first day of that weekend though is spent sleeping!!!

lessons learnt by going with a friend to alleygator and then to a
movie in imax on a hot saturday afternoon @ 11 without eating anything

  • summers in hyd ARE hot
  • bowling IS costly
  • everyone has his share of beginners luck and then everything just crumbles
  • never never go out with a friend who HAS plans
  • going to some crap action movie instead of a comedy one is a dangerous change of plans
  • watching an action movie 4th row from the screen breaks yr head, and yr eyes pop out
  • imax rocks as long as you dont start spending money
  • thai food is good. for people on a diet.


  • its bad when you dont check your mails for 2 days!
  • it is even bad if one of the mails contains the details of a pal’s bday
  • it gets worse when you are the only one that doesnt make a call
  • it gets worst when you want to call but the call time in yr cell is zero
  • icing on the cake, you forget to recharge yr cell
  • its good when school friends meet on a sunday evening to talk
  • but its bad when you dont remember anything they are talking about
  • and then suddenly someone notices that and says, ‘hey, why are you silent?’
  • you mumble up saying something as arcane as, ‘well, i am/was observing you guys’

*no offence meant to any person referred here, living or sleeping* 🙂


Just a different movie.

Roles were either over-played or under-played.

Never could i connect to the movie. All i could do was see.The movie was too polished; to be even able to touch a raw nerve or pull the string.

A painting that goes on and on but never is a drama that could evoke anything remotely human…

Some really brilliant scenes.But never could get into the skin to connect to it. Neither could see the grit nor the mad genius.A fine balancing act but as i said. Sorry.

Kaal. Dhamaal.

Clever, Interesting, Paisa Vasool[for a 25/- buck ticket for a sleepy sunday summer noon show on an empty stomach]. Falls short of expectations. But im Ok with that.

Even if i could predict the sequences before hand a good 10 – 15 mins before they even take place?
Even if i could guess the climax 20 mins before the end?
Even if i knew that movie belongs to ‘The Factory’ than to the Johar’s company?

In spite of all these ifs, Kaal is paisa vasool. A true Indian thriller in a long time. I enjoyed the movie. Actually could laugh at some of the most serious scenes. But as i said, I enjoyed watching Kaal from the beginning of the frame to the end.

Some brilliant moments in the movie. Some gross mistakes. But atleast something thats fun. Some moments had me on the seats edge. Some moments had me biting my nails.And most of the moments had me just watching it.

a. Three tigers and a 2 men. Thrill kill!

I liked Sixth Sense. The cleverness in the plot.
I liked Final Destination. The plot freaked me.
Im pretty fine with Kaal. No cribs. Paisa Vasool.

But im not sure i would like it the same way if i were to shell out a hundred bucks for this same movie.

[my friend tarun’s observation]
Wonder how the king khan’s face first comes into light in the item song ‘Kaal Dhamaal’ only when the word ‘kaal’ is heard? timing, i say.

I just hope the message in the movie doesnt go unnoticed. Obey the rules. The bigges beast is man. etcetera