Good Year

The new year is just around the corner. Well, three weeks atleast, but who cares, i dont think ill be be updating the blog soon…

So the new things. Things Ive done the last year. Lotsa them actually. Joined a job. Learnt swimming. Started learning guitar. Made a trip to north india with my friends. And of course, the many things that you do daily, learning new technologies, reading great books. Hmmm..

On the personal front, ive made strides too. But ill delve on that later. And of course, not to tell of the pita(pain in the ass) im turning into, especially for my mom and dad. i just cant help it. its getting all the more tough with ma, i just cant relate to any religious stuff that i can find any scientific/logical reasoning. and of course, im just loving my own indian roots, the culture. its tough thinking how the indian ancestors could think of all the timeless discoveries. [ more on this soon…]
Well of course, the last year will be my year of selfish & discovery. Read Ayn Rand. And then discovered the great new author ‘Ben Elton’. His was definitely the search of the year of course alongwith Ayn Rand. But he’s a different ball game altogether. And i thoroughly enjoyed breezing thru his novels, ‘House Arrest’ and ‘Inconceivable’.

This year was definitely a really scintillating one for me. Lets see how the next one shapes up to be.