LiveBlogging from BCH5 – 2

Branching out to the OpenSource/Tech Track

1. SaifiKhan – OpenSource Development Model

  • How to increase contribution to OpenSource in India. Students/Developers.
  • No one owns – Everyone owns – Becomes a heritage – Incorruptible
    • Sanskrit
    • Yoga
    • Idli
  • Development Models – Industrial[TopDown], Community[Gardening/Aggregate],
  • Checkins happen anytime => all the time. Two CVS servers available. Stewards
  • OpenSource Dynamic model in an organization
  • Register an organization -protect the individual – no restraining orders on individual – Helps build your community – Students interested in certificates/affiliation for the project : Better suited for Indian situation
  • Cannibalization happens – as is normal in the biological evolution – 97% OS projects fail
  • Why people do OpenSource
    • EOLD – Most dreaded word for vendors
    • Delivery of truth delayed by normal process – Person to file the bug is the one to fix it
  • How are stewards identified?
    • Grow from within the model
    • Had been a developer
  • In case of issues in closed model – Telescope model [Telescoping into the organization] – Move from support -> developer -> team lead -> director …
  • Looking at OpenSource Model as a cross of people communication + biological evolutions/mutation. Psychology + Biology. Social + Evolution. Centered around Community.
  • Talk | Engage | Involve
  • Small additions – Payloads – Plugins architectures
  • Ruby’s Black Swan: Apple:Cocoa goes out
  • Case Studies: iptable/filter, KDE4, Drupal conf organizer
  • GPL vs LGPL vs Free BSD vs public vs GPLv3 vs dual licensing

Overall, a very very energetic talk. The experience of having worked in a lot of open source projects comes through – many anecdotes, experiences, understanding the people focus comes through.

The track started off with about 20 people and it grew gradually to take all chairs available and now we have the room overflowing and at least 10-20 people standing and many sitting on the ground.