They were days when I wouldnt believe anything until I saw it with my own eyes. And there are times when I wouldnt even believe what I saw with my eyes, well I dont believe what sometime my brain conjures what it wants me to believe.

Well… thats just a way of saying sometimes people get so creative that they …

Just see the Drunken Room Sketch. Funny. Verrry niiice.

This one most have seen. But then whats fun in not repeating something goood?


(s)team(ed) india

Just narrowly escaped the festival of bumps which I would have subject to had India tied with SL yesterday. Luckily though one of my friends betted on India winning, which though gives the rest of us a chance to kick him to death or mercy.

Fine thinking apart, but what (a)muses me is thinking of the fate of that marketing whizkid whose brainchild were those ads of ‘Pepsi Co – la’, and ‘India Wrist Band’ and many others. Someone says that 150 cr of advertising was resting on team Indias shoulder. I thought that was a fairly small sum to rest on, a 2000 cr looks much better; anyone has any ideas?

As far as I can see Pepsi was betting huge on the Indian campaign. Any other big betters you know?

That apart though, both SL and Bangladesh have been worthy winners of their matches which brings me SL >> Bangladesh >> India >> Bermuda. Hah!


Startup life is not easy. Bootstrapping is doubly so. Just wanted to see a fighter film; Rocky Balboa is too simple and sugary to actually reflect the grittiness and pain; its a underdog story and everyone knows how it goes.

Have been long wanting to see Pursuit of Happyness. Finally saw it yesterday.

Verdict: Blown Away.

There are few films that speak to you for the right moment and with the right emotion; and this one is just so simply about my pursuit of my happyness. This definitely falls into my new category of Fighter Movies. Ive seen some of them already but this one takes the cake and for putting that truth out there: Its not about how hard you try, its about how hard you can keep trying it all.

Cricket WC Score Dashboard Plugin for Firefox

One of my geek buddies, Naresh, created this extremely nifty extension for FF(1.05 compat), where the score get posted to the user’s Status Bar. In spite of me being a cricket unfanatic I found the tool quite cool. Hope the cricket lovers find it useful!

Do post your comments and feedback . And of course some thanks to our coder, Naresh wont do you any harm 😀

Download ‘Scoreboard’ extension.


Listed below is a list of games. Some of them are from the 3D computer games of yesteryears, some from the present 3D games, some from the 3D mobile games of today. Ill leave it as a exercise to know which are which.

doom2_19.png fear2.jpgfishlabs-released-039-planet-riders-3d-039-mobile-game-2.jpg


A year or two years ago I would have laughed at the thought of a hifi true 3D mobile game; but now just comparing the 3D mobile games now, those of the yesteryear 3D mobile games and then the pop 3D pc games and Im almost convinced of the direction 3D mobile gaming is going to take. Maybe the business direction too might follow the computer games curve. Not only will we see a major shift in the hardware technology but will also see the mobile game creators embracing the limitations and the form factor of mobiles in highly creative formats. Just compare the older 3D computer games and the current 3D mobile games. Look very very similar!

[Brain Fart]

A while ago i remember John Carmack writing Quake 3 for NGage; but that didnt quite take off as expected. That was early perhaps and also because the 3D screen wasnt big enough for those type of games. Quite simply, I think mobile as it is, is highly suited for a sniper rifle type approach. Add a GPS functionalities to and also tilt to it, and you have your own sniper gun on your mobile!

Why do we even have to render in 3D? Why not add computer vision capabilities to the mobile and just add your own 3D elements to it? That will anyway enhance realism. But then computer visions algos are not so simple, and 3D rendering and rasterization much be much cheaper. But then, we never know.

[/Brain Fart]

I personally feel, that the mobile will embrace its limitation of size (and screen size too) and enhance its hardware (which anyways will grow in conjunction with the Moore’s Law) and we will have the next gen of games – highly innovative.

K@W rocks!

Two new articles(both reviews on books) caught my attention in K@W this week. One a book about the myth of Self-Helpish Books and the other on Cash-Curve. Loved the tone of each of them:

The Halo Effect

Halo effect is an effort at debunking the myth of having the guidelines for a great performance/manager. Instead it simply focuses on “Why is it so hard to understand high performance?”. It tackles many delusions:

  • The delusion of correlation and causality
  • The delusion of single explanations
  • The delusion of rigorous research

Havent we heard all this before. The repeated (failed) attempts of GUT. Or trying to arrive at a one size fits all solution. Or the one simple mantra that is the secret of success of a company. The review of the book looks compelling – have to get a reading of the book..

  1. Good strategies involve risk and no strategy is foolproof.
  2. Execution also is uncertain. What works well for one company may not be effective for another company.
  3. Chance plays a greater role in success than managers may want to admit.
  4. Bad outcomes don’t always mean that managers made mistakes. Likewise, favorable outcomes don’t necessarily mean that the managers made brilliant decisions.
  5. Finally, Rosenzweig says that “when the die is cast, the best managers act as if chance is irrelevant. Persistence and tenacity are everything.”

Sort of reinforces my thought, market validates all. Forget the media and get back to work.

Watch the Cash Curve

The cash curve is based on four “S factors”: Startup costs, or the pre-launch investment; Speed, or the time it takes to get the product to market; Scale, or the time it takes for the product to build a critical volume of customers; and Support costs, or the investment that is needed to keep a new product or service up and running after it has been launched. The cash curve plots cash flow over time as the product goes through successive phases of idea generation, commercialization and realization.

Amazing clarity there on the product. Of course the Apple takes the cake here. But just be careful its not the Halo Effect showing its effect 😀