The Fountain is spellbinding!

Im impressed.

Not with the story per se. Not with its questions and pokes at the eternal cycles of birth death and everything of intangible beauty. Its been done to death in our Indian schools of thought – dvaitha, advaitha, samkhya, carvaka and such and there is no point dwelling on those points dealt with in the movie. The strong impression of oriental philosophy cannot be missed. And that is an angle better not touched; because thats where you begin to rub my ego the right way and I magically transform from a boring drone to an eloquent wise man and trust me thats not completely not boring either.

What is arresting about the movie though is the gorgeous visuals and the story thats completely open to interpretation. Bright infinite vistas of golden hue drenched in pulsating life. Its not something I have come to experience very frequently. Most of the space movies have been this infinite hopeless vacuum that can easily suck out the enthusiasm out of even me [! replace that with the most optimistic guy/gal you’ve ever met! ]… But this, this was absolutely easy on the eyes and the mind. Never has creation of matter felt so full of life and stars pulsating in golden balls of fire.

And the story so completely open to interpretation.. On one hand it looks like a story set in different time periods with the man trying desperately trying to save his loved one and seeing their imminent death. On the other hand though, the metaphors are hard to miss.

To me, it was a story about a doctor dealing with the death of his wife. The back story about the conquisdator is the character in the novel his wife is writing and the future zen astronaut is about the struggle of the man to deal with his wife’s imminent death. The withering tree and the marauding armies as metaphors to his dying wife and the engulfing cancer, the film is so chock full of idioms, Im sometimes forced to take the single route because it tires me while finding new interpretations and metaphors everytime…

Watch it if you can lay your hands on it. And me am waiting desperately to lay my hands on Pi and Requiem for a Dream.


new is better because you are…

Programming languages are like girlfriends: The new one is better because you are better.

– a deep thoughtful axiom from a broken heart who fell in love with Ruby. Not the girl you duff, a language. [link]

Increasingly, on my timeline, posting on a blog seems to be too much work, a format like twitter might be a better fit. I fear though that I’ll turn from a thinking vain techie to just a vain techie…

dreamers dream

The blog sabbatical shall continue for another few days (ok, a day more at the very least), but I got to read about an amazing person and heck it was too bad to let others miss out on this person.

No this isnt a post about the narcisstic me, but truly a inspiring person to know or atleast know that existed. Enter Randy Pausch, a CMU professor who is definitely NOT a brick in the wall.

Read about him at his online footprint:

That brings us to the question Why him? Why now? Well, he has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and has about a few more months of life left. And given below is a link to his last speech he gave at CMU which is probably one of the very few life advice that I rate very high after Guy Kawasaki’s.

The transcript is here. [pdf file] The video of the same here