The Travails of the modern life

This is my cynical review of the present pace of life. Fast zooming careers in equally sleek zooming cars. We are always short of time trying to catch up with … others

A rather small one, but I’ll update it as soon as I think I can add something meaningful to it

Modern Life

The anorexic bodies, the artificial smiles,
Parents and kids apart by miles.
Lives that begin with the owl’s hoot,
Hearts that are dark as the chimney soot.

The warm compliments that people dont mean,
The words of promise on none can lean.
Foods and luxuries that all money can buy
But not a moment together to spend by.

Culture and tradition are long forgetten,
Parties and pubs are all we think of, often.
To death onto we shall take this burden,
for now we stand, on the corpses of our brethren.


We don’t need no thought control

The craziness for the excellence ‘only in education’ is reaching epidemic proportions here. I already feel sad for the new age kids who dont know what its like to play in the rain, or having a friendly wrestle or sweating it out in the sun. It is all for those kids who shoulder the ambitions of someone else. Let them be free. Please. You are bringing up a generation of sad and moronic vegetables.

I hope the poem speaks for itself.

The Child

The burden of books
and the furtive looks
The daily tests
and the unending quests
Parental anticipation
and the peer competition
With dreams of life they dont aspire
Wealth and discipline isnt they they require
The morning sun they dont know about
the warm breeze is a freezing clout
The race for wealth is growing mad
the rules of the game are bad and mad
With fear in the hearts
And tears in the eyes
They trudge along painfully
the burden of satchels bring them down heavily
Slowly and painfully the soul in them cries
For joy and love thats rightfully theirs
Nothing in this world now can save,
For, the child within has met his grave.

The Stranger

Agony is what that is found in the most beautiful experiences known to humans – Love. Love without doubt is a cornucopia of feelings. Living in the bliss of happiness of the significant other is a wonderful feeling. But sometimes they get hurt. And we do too. And that is when in one of the times, when she said that I was no longer the one she knew, that I was now a complete stranger to her…that this one just came up.


The eyes aren’t the ones I fell in love with
Nor is the voice the one that chattered for hours unending
You are the one no more
The one in you i know no more

The shoudlers arent strong anymore
The ears for once arent patient no more
The smile’s aint the one i fell in love with
The pain in love is cruel in its zenith

Time had played its cruel cards
Wrecked on you its wretched trumps
The wounds of fate has bruised your heart
All that remains is a mortician’s art

Gone is the love for me that you were once full of
Lost in the sands is the heart of mine
You are the same one no more
In you I see my love’s demise

The sweetness in your lips I taste no more
The love in your eyes I used to adore
The one in front of me I fail to recognize
For, a stranger is before me is what i realize…

The Night Changes Me

This just came to my mind as I was done watching ‘The Last Samurai’. Ive seen and talked to my friends. Most of the times I found that the things they have done which though were wrong, were done because they knew they would NOT be caught.

So I decided I will maybe explore this psyche where we do things[aka sins] when we know we wont get caught. And most of the times we dont do them because we might get caught.

My poem was mainly aimed at pornography, but at another level I set out to find out that would we resist doing something wrong if we knew we will never get caught. In the absence of some overlord authority would we still be righteous ourselves? A huge question…

The Night Changes Me…

When ignorance is just but a fading mask,
and the strength of the heart is a dying song.
When values of life is an outmoded trend,
and the respect of women is a penny’s lend.

The demon of the eden lurks in the dark,
succeeding in enticing the gullible heart.
Where the heart is just a shameless slave,
in the shadows of the night it revels in sin.

When the veil of darkness spreads its wings
there the vile of lust is a voyeur’s inn.
The chivalry of heart is a samurai’s corpse
useless lifeless disemboweled…

The god in me bades a transient break
the control of the mind the satan takes.
Indulging in sin I revel in the mire
doomed am I to burn in the hell’s fire.

Day after day I fear the night
The evils of sin make me shiver in fright
Because in those moments of my life
The night changes me…

The Second One I Wrote

This one was for my first girlfriend. And do i need to say more?


A woman, i heard from people past,
Had many a form that would keep us aghast,
Essence of life is she,
Lucky aren’t we ?
Seen her in many a form have i,
A mother and some sis’ are all i have.
Teachers always i had by my side,
Not a real friend to share the feelings i hide.
A true friend is what i crave for,
A friend for life is what i ask for.
Promise me that you will never leave me,
Be on my side is what i decree.
A miracle is it that we met again,
Let me not again feel the pain.
Missed you for so long,
Let our lives together prolong…


Well, having a blog and not using it effectively really is something im not really in favor of. In so time that I have online presence, I have been surfing about on the net, Ive decided that I will put all my poems past present and the future ones online. It gives me a lot of satisfaction and a feeling of self-worth. Well without much ado each poem is probably from my own experience. And also its from the experiences that people might feel.

A poem to me is just an experience and a change of perspective of looking at things good and bad. And things that are gray, as in reality most of them are…Though for each of the poem ill try to explain why ive written it the way ive written.

Off you go. Here comes the list.

“Yuva” A Maverick’s Dream

Well, after a long wait I saw the Telugu version of “Azitha Eyuthey”(???) “Yuva”. Yuva is in Telugu means “youth”. The young guns of today who are the future and fate of any country. I found it to be an extreme eyeopener. Never have I loved being in the theater and just not wanting to get up from the seat even after the film was over!

Madhavan as “Samba”, the hooligan from the lowest strata of the Society. For him, he comes first as he believes only in one thing ‘the society gave him nothing and so he is not indebted to it in any way’. And Surya as Michael Vasant, the student from the economic middle class with ideals as his life. He is violent but only in the case of his ideals and ethics. He will stand up to a cause no matter what, if he feels he needs to stand up to it. And then there is Siddharth as “Arjun”, an upper class yuppie who is there to live life as it is to be lived…with money. And then there are thier love interests too.

Lot was said about the abrupt ending, but I felt no need to. A class movie that caters to your brain and questions your heart. Go with a braod mind and get ready to learn something valuable.

I find no reason why the newspapers are making “Yuva” look like a complete no-brainer. On the contrary im losing all my faith in the media which project skin-flicks and slash-flicks as the coming of age of the Indian Film Industry. Mani Ratnam’s attempt is laudable for the reason that finally it shows a way and questions our own commitment to our nation. Finally…

Finally, a movie that stops cribbing and answers the questions! Hail MR.