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“It is so beautiful isn’t it? This was made in America, the US of A, you know..” the tinge of pride unmistakable in the voice.

“Hmm…. How much does it cost?”

“I don’t know… it is a gift. And you know what, right now everything I am having are American. And they are all so good!!!”

“But they don’t look much different to me. Im sure with that same money you’ll get a lot better products here in India itself”

“Hmpf… The soaps and all I get from US. I can’t bear the Indian ones, they are all so low quality. They are completely useless and bad to the skin. The things made in America are soooooo good.”

I didn’t have the heart though, to break the truth of the aura of Made-In-America products. Nike shoes for one.

Witness thy blog.

“People marry because they need witness” Shall we Dance, movie.

What does witness mean? It’s an entity that grants you an identity by confirming your existence. A witness reacts to you, your actions, your rants and raves. It notes your existence by listening to you, probably mute but finally does react to your existence.

The mirror is the first non-human witness to our existence. Then somewhere in the electronic age we moved onto the webpages as a place of exhibiting our existence/identity. But somehow im not sure ill regard existence synonymously with identity. Anyways, back from the digress… the blogs arrived. We had a voice now. A voice capable of shouting, screaming, cribbing, thinking, laughing, giggling. A voice my own. A voice that breathes and lives. A personal space that cannot be intruded upon. I can bounce back everytime I want.
Why are we so intent on leaving a legacy? To register our thoughts. Why is the need for a witness to all our actions/thoughts? To live more than our own biological timelines. In the minds of people? To be a someone in this world. Is there a reason for this empowering need to be remebered longer than our own lifespans?

One reason for asking this question is because I think this will help speculate about the next big pop technology.

The other reason I ask is because to know, if people would still complain, crib, shout on the blog if they never receive any attention/comments from others???

Chautaqua – 2

Sometimes i wish i was with my friends when they were talking about me, silently observing their every emotion, every sylabelle, every drop of an eyelid, the nuances of the modulated voices, the crests and troughs of the emotions they would undergo when talking about me. I wish i was among them invisible, without their knowledge, silent as a wraith. Just observing; silently creeping among them; noiseless, as the still breeze, as still air with no tracks of my existence. But alas, that can never be.

Never can i be so silent, so invisible in stealth as to be completely non-existent. If ever they had a doubt of that i might be there, they would never ever behave the same way as they would behave the way they would if they knew confidently i wasnt there… Total absence of my existence inspite of being a witness to their knowledge is an irony.

It is this same idea that has led me to believe that the last true reality show on TV was “Bakra”. All the other so-called reality shows are engineered products meant to show the audiences what they want to see, not what they are…

Reality TV presupposes the eyes of a prying audience. Reality on the other hand doesnt.