The Dark Knight

Scary. Very very scary. Every time the Joker appeared on the screen I was just shit scared about what he would do next. Joker is so believable, it almost makes me believe he would do anything and the director would not even take a step back to reconsider if he would not want to show the scene. Unbelievably good action sequences – I just lost count of how many times I muttered the F word under my breath.

A tad dense storyline – too much content here… but that just means I would watch the movie at least a couple of times more to let the movie sink in completely. Its a shame Two Face got so less a screen space. I was just hoping that Joker would end here and the third part would be setup for the entry of Two Face. Anyways so, now I am really looking forward to the Riddler. And hoping there is going to be a Batman III.

The weakest link still is Rachel. Maggie is worse off than Katie Holmes. Sorry.

Heath Ledger is posthumously headed for a best actor in a negative role nomination. We will have to wait longer to predict for the Oscar. Overall, as IIITians would say TDK is ‘Okhaaa Raaaaange’.