LiveBlogging from BCH5 – 3

Hardcore way to do your startup – Nanda –

About AtuItu: Social Network for telugu folks. Built on Ruby on Rails.

  • Describe your product/startup in one single line
  • Breakup your work into very small parts – modules – task for the days – not codes
  • Every problem is a challenge – every achieved challenge gives a sense of achievement
  • Do mistakes. Don’t worry about them.
  • Be in the market and keep changing it based on the feedback.
  • Focus on getting your product out. Let the users give you the response and feedback.
  • Only dependent on yourself.
  • Distractions – money to sustain, depressions. Be very guarded from any distraction.
  • All about persistence.

Relevance of Rails to startups – Sumanth Krishna A

  • One person – one idea – product.
  • And basically the top ten of Rails – the usual drumming that is given for rails – DRY, convention over configuration, ActionModel, CRUD, partials, helpers, etc…
  • Agile Development
  • Huge debate on Rails vs PHP vs Ruby vs Django
    • It quickly moved onto saying PHP is a language and Rails is a framework, blah blah. But then finally it boiled down to whoever already knew the language/framework and whoever was comfortable with the other.