dancing away to g(l)ory

as a student of pattern recognition and of computer vision, let me disclose first off, that my opinions are limited by my data set; and being a non-party type guy i am, its no way exhaustive, let alone comprehensive. subject to the limited data set, the statementes made here are necessarily sweeping and flawed. but yanyways, with the limited set i have at my disposal, i say these 3 lines only once:

men are lousy dancers. women atleast have grace. there are exceptions to this rule.

i have been a silent spectator to atleast a couple of dancing parties. and as i understand when i comes to dancing, men have a million left feet and they dont understand what it means. they look at dancing as just another exercise, a way to shed of those extra carbs.

‘a made for each other’ couple (thats just a silly formal prefix, dont really get carried away by it) walks in on the dance floor and there you have them dancing. the woman sways, swings, jives to some rhythm the man can never match. his movements is just a set of routines – step by step. i dont know if its a man-woman thing, woman looking everything as continuous process and men as discrete set of events… but yanyways, dont know if the thing is peculiarly indian as many things are, but then not much is to be said of something you dont know.

so you have men jumping, throwing their hands up in air, swaying rigorously, screaming but never dancing. up those strobe lights and there you have those new year resolutions to give solid workouts come into place with immediate effect. so you have men dancing the most for bhangra and turning totally helpless (!pathetic!) for anything less than thumping. the women though go just swaaaying to just a graceful set of movements.

ive seen this same thing when watching any serial which requires the men to dance; awkwardness is men’s inborn instinct to dancing. i proclaim with pride men dont understand dance as an art or craft; its exercise. achieving suboptimal heights and achieving zero grav for those few milli seconds is the man’s meaning of disco dancing. rhythm & grace can take a hike for all they care.

as i said, they are exceptions, and i know atleast 3 friends o mine who really understand what it takes to be a dancer. ladies, sure can try ping me to get in contact with those men; but then im no broker (no one calls me no pimp) and so will not assure ill help you beautiful ladies gracing this blog get in touch with the dudes.

any thoughtful soul can of course add more to this, but then as i disclaimed the opinions are a result of my data set. to change my perception i definitely would need a bigger data set. ergo, tickets to parties πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “dancing away to g(l)ory

  1. Totally agree on the three rules πŸ™‚ Dancing is not made for us….
    And by the way, a nice way to get invited to parties – “to change my perception” πŸ˜€

  2. Its like in Signals and systems …
    Continuous time signal procesing (girls dancing)is always more placid than its discrete counterpart, but one error and the error stretches to unacceptable proportions πŸ˜›
    Discret time signal processing (boys dancing) is artificial agreed but prone to less errors πŸ™‚
    ps : that doesn’t justify anything though
    pps : I was a Signals n systems tutor πŸ˜›

  3. @kunal
    oh the honesty! and you do have a keen eye πŸ˜‰

    ur prodigees must look at this headless tailess comment you have written to show your S&S talent

    πŸ˜€ thankoo

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