CraZ IIITian.
Restless Creative Mind.
Optimist of the B+ve Type
Hopeless Indophile
Relentless Observer
Modest Egomaniac
Pragmatic Philosopher
Anti Fads
Karma believer
Thiestic Athiest
Loves Food & Fun
Unemployed Entrepreneur

Thats Poorna Shashank K for you — A Work in Progress.

In short, a heady mix of contradictions.


This blog is just a small peek through a keyhole into the mind of a chronic thinker…You might just survive unscathed.

To contact me over mail please use the following ones, preferably the first one.


About This Site

Everything you read on this site which is written by me is copyrighted by me, as well as my image above and any recordings, photos or videos that I’ve taken and published here as well. The RSS feed of this site is for personal use only, any re-publishing of my content without my permission is illegal.

This site is my *personal* weblog – I will write whatever I want here about anything I want using any style I want and cover a range of topics from the trivial to professional. You will find the occasional swear word and extreme opinion here – those with delicate sensibilities should probably stay away. Remember, you are not being forced to read this site, so if you dislike anything about it, please feel free to not read it.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. And it’s interesting that you’ve kept the option of ppl commenting on ‘you’ open 🙂 Methinks you’re a mix of contradictions alright!

  2. Dear Sir,

    I want to get the English meaning for the Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna. Can you please help me in this regard.

    Thank You.

    T.N. Mahesh.

  3. doode.. cool blog..

    yeah regarding those energy bars, i’m lil shabby.. I carry the water bottle in hand, bars in the short’s pockets….

    other sophisticated runners use a waist belt that have bottle pouches and place for bars and others…

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