Jurassic World review – Greed is NOT good

I already feel like a dinosaur.

Its been more than 12 years that the first Jurassic Park released. And #whatamovie it was! Spielberg had us – the young and our adults enthralled all alike with his vision of a world that we never knew existed. After having watched those old cartoons and B-grade movies, watching Jurassic Park with those real-life like dinosaurs kept us spellbound & stuck to our seats. And after having read the novel, the world that Crichton weaves – the edits the movie had to make made it all the more meaningful.

So after much trepidation and after getting bombarded with the ads for Jurassic World, we entered the theatre. It is quite interesting what 12 years can do.

One starts to sense these tiny differences. The logo is now in white and blue – red and black gone. The font looking almost the same but not yet.That music in the original, where the helicopter descends from the top of the green valley into the helipad beside the waterfall, doesn’t hold the same awe. The first scene of seeing the green Isla Nublar is not so enthralling anymore.

Some of the scenes are still amazing, the raptors are still terrifying. The foreboding on the lack of control is still there. There are really some oh s**t moments but they are few and far between.

There was the climax in the first movie, where the T-rex comes and kills the raptors while our hero team escapes. I had numerous debates with my friends arguing that the T-Rex killed the raptors because they were bigger prey, not because it wanted to save the humans. But in this movie’s climax, I am not so sure anymore.

This humanization of every possible element, animals, predators, prey, god … this does not work at all. Everything does NOT have be human-like. Everything else need not work for us – we humans are not the center of anyone’s universe. We just exist and sometimes in the big scheme of things we don’t matter … at all.

This one takes itself far too seriously. There is no point revisiting the greenery on the island or the animals on the island – we need no reintroduction – we have already seen that. There is no point getting us nostalgic. There are many Dues Ex Machina moments and it only shows me the lack of control on the story.

Kids, go for it. Adults, you might want to go back to visiting the first part.


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