LiveBlogging from BCH5 – 4

NewGenLib – New Generation Library automation – Suneel V – A Case Study in OpenSource

  • Two people – Core functional guy with 18 yrs of library management.
  • Companies involved – Verus Solutions Pvt Ltd and Kesavan Institute of Knowledge Management.
  • VTLS – best library automation software in US
  • 13 lacs – cost of the lib automation back at least a decade ago
  • First breakthrough Goa Library.
  • 150 installations by 2007. Idea took shape in 2002. Development ended in 2004.
  • In Jan 2008, NewGenLib was declared OpenSource. In the period following it, they had more than a couple of thousand downloads. [3500+]
  • Ramesh asked this question “Would they have the same amount of downloads if the software was declared free but not opensource?”

Django Web Framework – Shabd – Ex-Oracle guy

  • Demo session for building a blog/project management solution in Django.
  • Time limit: 20 mins.