get a headstart!


Introducing HeadStart, a technology, innovation and product showcase for startups as well as biggies who have something to show off that meets the above conditions. Led by a passion bunch of folks who are behind the wildly successful BarcampBangalore as well the MoMos, Headstart promises to be a very promising affair.

What can you expect from

  1. Technology Buyers aka Customers
  2. Workshops
  3. Panel discussions

As an entrepreneur, my sole concentration would be on (1) and would be hoping to build:

  1. Something tangible that will contribute to my immediate need of kharcha pani – customers & investors. It wont do any harm to get some customers – your valuations will definitely get a boost just on account of that. Of course a first hand opportunity to get a feedback on your product is not a bad thing too.
  2. Long term and strategically – to build a varied and interesting network – of co-entrepreneurs, technology sellers and buyers and of course investors.

Headstart is concentrating on, where the companies get their next meal from – the customers, which is a great focus to have. Of course, VCs too will be there to grant a closed door meeting if your idea has much dough. With stalls for startups, it will be an interesting event, quite different in scale.

And of course with no charge [free as in free beer] for companies for demoing it will be an interesting watch to see the sort of startups wanting to demo there. Just because of this low barrier of entry, I guess the initial shortlisting of companies is going to be a nightmare – Proto had taken care of this by having a moderate fee for demoing startups and which would only get serious companies to come forward to demo.

The post follow-up [PRwise, etc] with the showcasing companies if done as well as promised is definitely going to make a notable difference to the life of the startups.

Its an ambitious plan definitely but considering the amount of sweat being put in, hopefully we will have a very well organized event. Its quite nice to see the amount of effort being put in to provide a pedestal for promising startups in India.

The question is: do we have enough interesting technology product startups?

Also of interest is to see how it fares compared to in terms of % startups getting funded, prospects improved drastically. Definitely something to watch out for.


bib no. 15307

It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

– Lester Burnham, American Beauty

bib no 15307

A little late but an update I could not afford to not have on my blog – for vanity, posterity and for the story that I could narrate to my grandchildren of how their grandpa ran a 10Km stretch on a cold wintry morning [or a hot scorching sun, whichever is a rarity then] in 60 minutes flat and had left many other runners in the dust.

In case you have missed the point of the story and of course the instant jubilation that comes with it – the news is… I managed to run the complete 10Km stretch of the Hyderabad 10K run and did it in 1 hour and 5 minutes which is not a bad distance for someone aiming to finish 5Km and do the rest in walk. Looks like my six pack is not far behind…

Thanks to kishore and naresh for planting the idea to do the run in the first place. And of course to the runners from APSP, the paaji & the runners from SA & Kenya with whom I matched my rhythm when i started slacking … Thanks and cheers to you folks.

Hopefully next year I can target for bigger surprises. How does the half marathon look? 😛

 priceless - the four after finishing the race

priceless! after finishing our 10k run!

bridges of madison county

go watch ‘the bridges of madison county’. if this recommendation is alone not enough you might want to follow this review by PonC – the one that first got me interested in this masterpiece. at last i watched it – feeling a little too lovely to be able to speak anything; cant yet get rid of this lovely lingering feeling.

i wish i could have put it in better words for you. not now but maybe someday i will…