Network Trouble

Man o Man. Man o Man o Man.
Networks. Probably the most feared of all the subjects in Computer Science mainly because of unreliability. And today im witness to the most horrific experiences of them all. Never have i felt that working with Sockets can be so tiresome. And now seeing the way network really works, i must say im falbbergasted. From the noon onwards, ive been stuck with a single prob and i find out that the network doesnt seem to work right.

For my multimedia course project, this is a lot of work to do. Deadline : tomorrow morn 10 am. Im sure im going to complete it by then. Somehow working with networks and threads is giving me the thrills of a lifetime. I hope the hardwork im putting in will be appreciated. Anyways, whatever it is, im going to give a sizeable demo by tomorrow morn.

Not having worked with networks or threads for a long long time, i think im going to run into troubles, lot of them soon,very soon. Only if, if my code works for the demo right! Working on it almost continously for the last 12 hours is a pain. And i havent had my foooood. Im hungry!!! Growl! Thats my poor stomach….

Wish me Luck.



Mediocrity. An escape mechanism for mortals of ordinary stature to justify their demeaningly low levels of creativity and courage. Mediocrity was is and never will be the mark of a winner. Dreams are what drive a true winner. And the visions make them a worthy leader. But its funny how so many people accept and live with this mediocrity all along. ‘If its worth doing it, its worth doing it best’ is the way a work is done or a life is lived.Illustrious lives are marked not by wealth money or position but the passion and their denial of mediocrity. And who else to symbolise it but the laid-back chalta hai attitude of hyderabadis? kya bole?

Fate.An escape mechanism to actually justify their present state by individuals of demeaningly low level of courage. Fate is something i dont believe in. If fate is a mathematical function where some things are out of control, then i believe it. If walking on the road, a stone for somewhere hits me, its fate. But if im walking on the road, lost in my dreams and then a bus hits me, its isnt fate, its carelessness. If i buy a lottery ticket and someone else wins the money its fate. But if i write an exam, and i miss the top honours by a whisker its not fate, its incompetence. If i wanted to be a pilot but i wasnt tall enought for it, its fate. If i wanted to be a pilot, but im a manager now, its not fate, but choice.

Its so easy when things we couldnt do because of laziness and a lack of courage, we simply thrust that on fate. And its easy when we love someone but dont have the courage enough to express the same and now they are in love with someone else, we curse our fate. And after all the pains, if the parents say no and you accept it saying its the cruel game of fate, but didnt try as if your life depended on it, its not fate again but a serious problem with you.

New things in Life

Yesterday was probably the most productive of the days in terms of effort-satisfaction quotient. Mainly cause I tried some new things and succeeded in them. Being a new swimmer, trying to swim across the length of the swimming pool in ‘planet 10’ has always been a nightmare. Whenever i tried it by holding my breath i would stop halfway down the line. But now that ive learnt to do freestyle by also breathing above water, i decided to give it a try. Well the first time i failed. Panicked. Then after some time I tried again, and succeeded. This after…almost drowning when i was learning swimming.

And now working with Enlightenment, WM, i feel so cool. Its highly configurable and works well. Does all i need. And yes the point is ive changed many menus according to my convenince. It required a quite an amount of effort. But it helps you know when your effort shows the results. Aah…the sweent scent of success.

But the coding is going real bad. And i promised Mr.P that ill be finishing our project yesterday itself which i havent incidentally even started. Hope to learn and master Linux by doing this part of the project report, etc. Lets see.

And the job market is big here and in C.B. Hope it can squeeze me in and share a few lacs. :))

Abhi to life hai movies, enlightenment, business india, poetry, swimming.
coding ki zaroorat hai.

Fuckin’ Sick Bastards

Im sick of all this male and female bashing all over the net. Everywhere, why does anyone have to act like the holy shit or the satan god? Just having read some blogs of some really idiotic people, i just dont understand how to react! Yes, you are ready to have your own opinions and ideas, but people please stop this bashing. After talking cribbing complaining about everything in this world, the easiest way people take out saying is that ‘Im like this. Accept or F*** Off’. Again the holy than attitude or the sickest retarded punk trying to prove that whole world has gone damn sick…

Yes to err is human. But stop complaining about it. I hate these people who complain. Either do something about it or shut the f*** up. What comes around is what goes around. Dont expect people to be nice to you if u expect them to accept you as you are. Men like hot babes. Period. EOF. And yes women like hot men too. The only point is its natural and let it remain that way. Its the same people that say are very confident about themselves are the one who are pissed off when someone forgets to wish them or say a simple excuse me. And what is it with such sick people that very trivial things seem to flare up even the most trivial matters of contention?

And more frightening is the attitude of some feminists. As though the whole of the world is going to end because of man. And if its women who are bashing men over being control freaks, most of the the times its for the reason that they want to be the ones who want the absolute control. And yes there have been female abuse. Only that cases of male abuse wont be accepted and go unnoticed. Just tone down your egos and stop being so being so f***** paranoid.

I dunno what, but now i too seem to follow the same rhetoric. And the first and last time i want to use by blog to talk about such useless trivial matters.


Someday I’ll be a flower,
Beautiful and sweet.
Sharing the scent that fills all me,
to bee and the lass the smell me with glee.

Someday I’ll be a bird,
Heavenly and free.
Flapping the wings I shall soar so high,
happiness that’ll spread in everywhere I might try.

Someday I’ll be a tree,
Motherly and green.
Shading the tired traveller who rests under me,
And playing with the kids that jump all over thee.

The flowers and the birds
and the trees in me
in the hues all worse,
the devil jumps in glee.

Haughty and aloof
like the flower thats perched
on the branch at the top,
Love with the self and all in vain.

Fickle as the bird
that moveth with seasons that change
from the south to the north
and then way back down.

Green as a tree
the monster cries in thee,
envious of others
and drowns in jealousy.

But until that day I shall stay a man,
waiting for the day I shall reborn.


Listen you freaks that filleth this place,
For a lesson so old, that it, aint new no more.
Of a lesson of life and love that grows,
From the pangs of pain, the pleasure that rose.

Take care of love thats held out for you,
for the love only thats yours is not that truth.
As a tendered little child that learns to grow
falling and walking it learns to grow.
As a tendered little plant that sways in the gusts,
Leave it time and space to grow…
The love that stays isnt the love you tied down
The love that stays isnt the love you buyed now
The love that stays isnt the one that you built
on lies and wealth and dreams of truth ephemeral.
For the love that stays is only the one thats strong
from the gusts and pains that shattered its arms.
Love your love that way you live Love
for the love you love is the love you’ll live.
Let the love live and the love till you live
for the love that stays is the love you let go.

The first draft. I know its real bad.I’ll refine it overtime…

Be Positive

Deep in the mind a question now lurks,
for an answer so wise that makes all numb.
For the nature of me it sets out to find,
behest of the word the mind started to work

Ceasing to rest and losing my sleep,
I started for my answers to find the true me.
For being so full of life and love,
Positive and fearless of pains all around.

Learning the truth the heart skipped a beat,
Of the blood so red that run filled up the veins,
For the optimism that grew was already in me,
of the group of blood that thee shouted ‘B p’.

I always wondered why i was optimistic and so positive about things. The reason i learnt is pretty obvious. What else can a person be if the blood in him is B+ve? What else option do i have other than to ‘be positive’?