During the weekend, Chennai happened during the weekend. Had been hearing all these tales of the narrow-mindedness there, horror stories of acute regionalistic feelings. Wasnt expecting much, but I came out pleasantly surprised of what little I saw of Chennai.

Not many know Hindi; but can manage with English keywords. Autowallahs definitely try to fleece as much as possible; but being a Hyderabadi I know how that works; so yeah not much of a huge difference there; atleast not like Delhi types; sweet words and sheathed swords 😉

The Elliots beach is a mess, literally; so much crap everywhere; its strewn with lots of rubble and rubbish.  Met an autodriver who was actually a B.Com diploma holder! Guess Ill kick myself in the shins forever for not getting know him more. Another autowallah was actually charging much less than in general; and we tipped him (yep, suckers we are!).

One thing i shall regret though; is not travelling the two days in Chennai by bus.  Learnt one to two words of Tamizh too; and some queer way of writing English.

The ‘h’ is read as ‘g’. Jahan is read as ‘Jagan’. And the ‘zh’ as the ‘ll’ (the ‘l’ sound when the tongue touches the top of your mouth). ‘Thamizh’ as ‘Tamil’.

‘Seeghrama Thanni Kondu Waanga’ (Please get me water quickly).


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