dream tut

The warm breath I could feel on my skin,

Glassy eyes brimming with love,

Thick pouting lips,

Silky moist skin,

fresh, natural like winter morning dew,

A stranger,

she looked as if my soul was clear to her,

My deepest desires lay bare to her

and, Yet i felt close vulnerable

but strangely secure,

It wasnt you,

but a stranger,

and I wasnt taken aback,

it felt closely personal,

As if someone i knew was here with me;

and then i woke up.

I felt life come back,

For my dreams had told me that

i was ready to move on…

ever woke up from a dream that tells you, you are ready to move on? its a sign mayhaps that things now arent what they were and things will, be what you will. what if a dream tells you not of amazing possibilities, amazing powers hidden deep inside your kundalini but of stark facts. dreams as a guide to the real world; telling you that your scars have healed.

egging you like a strict parent that you now need to start concentrating on looking forward while driving the bike instead of crying over your bleeding gash. what if dreams are your personal tutor to life?



Was reading this interesting blog post by rajat on recoja

At one time my idea was to create a micro-bookmarking tool (i.e. bookmarking of micro selected content) in firefox. Its interesting how recoja has extended this to tags. Am quite eager to see how this can be developed into a revenue model.

However my own initial issues with the idea were:

a. pages with dynamic content. since most of the web, atleast the content for scholastic content is static, so this would not be a major problem with such pages. however, the dynamic nature is still a major issue.

b.because of the micro content analysis, micro-management might be an issue, umpteen issues might crop up. (1) as shown is already an issue
c. will a community interface work with it? i mean what all value can it add to the micro-bookmarking process? so can something like del.icio.us interface for this micro-bookmarking?

d. revenue? if its not being done with revenue in mind, cool…

e. laziness to make a quick prototype 😀 

iDream of flight

Almost every male friend I know(including myself?) had this childhood dream of being a fighter pilot if not a pilot. As I said almost every one. Now what puzzles me, am I allowed to make that sweeping statement? If yes, how can I know its true or its not? And more importantly what is it for girls?

How about making a small survey or a poll? Whats the best way to consolidate the results? Can a trackback work well in this scenario? Please put it in your comments or use trackbacks.
Assumptions iMade

  • Geographic demography is limited to India
  • That we are talking of young men and women. (< 30)

BlogBlast: Announcing Date for Barcamp Hyderabad 2

The topic is quite exciting one this time ' Mobile Apps & Infrastructure, in the Next Gen Internet'

When : 15th July, 2006. Mark your calendar.

Where: JNTU,Kukatpally, Microsoft Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Will upload the map soon. Just about 4 kms from the Hi-Tech City.

What can you do? Please spread the word for us. For all additional details visit barcamp official page.

Link to one of us and feel free to copy paste what we have already written on barcamp hyderabad 2:

Rajan's Post

Post on Hyderabad Tech Blog

Ramesh's Post

Mohit's Post

Road Trip To Bidar

  • 316 kms
  • 14 hours on the trip [0730 to 2130]
  • close to 9 hours on the road
  • 15 bikes and 1 car
  • 2 thunderbirds, 1 avenger, 1 apache, 1 lml, 1 splendor, 1 hero honda, pulsars
  • 28 clubbers
  • 1 accident
  • 2 major pitstops (1-to and 1-fro)
  • an awesome singing session by manas
  • 1 accident [not me]
  • touching 110kmph on avenger
  • visting an old unmaintained fort in bidar, karnataka
  • multiple photo sessions [to be included sooner]
  • getting caught in the rain and riding it
  • learning that the whole point of road trip is the biking, not pillion riding
  • pillion riding fora long time gives butt cramps and the spine hurts [:D]
  • by club tarmac.
  • lots of wiproites, two oraclites, two ISBians, etc

Thanks manas(for the ride and the awesome puris :D), sharad and vijay. A great memorable ride. The next trip then [:)]. A much more detailed and interesting update is at manas's blog


Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comJust before starting from wipro campus

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comMidway Hiatus

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comIn the fort, all lined for the shoot

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.comStepping up to the shoot

Barcamp Hyderabad 2: Planning Kickoff

In this age of sequels & prequels and movies, (its the summer of the sequels, aint it?), things are already apace for Barcamp Hyderabad 2. This time the theme is on Mobile Space, Opportunities and Entreprenuers. Without much ado, the details are already posted here

Its exciting times we are living in right now!

Come to think of it, will we have a prequel to barcamp hyd? barcamp hyderabad -1.0? 🙂