the fall of a titan

*a totally incoherent post to the telugu-film illiterate folks*

A series of mails that hit my mailbox recently, very:

Three images of the three big dangers to the world now

1. A big comet going to hit earth in 2019

2. A ELE causing comet crash

3. A movie by a hero

Then again in the comparision of the armies of US & India; slides roll by filed with different herds[sic] the complete armada of American planes[grounded actually] and then at the end, the Indian side represented by that same hero

Then we have a mail asking children, old people and pregnant ladies to skip the mail. Pulse racing the others go ahead and open the mail and find the photo of that same hero.

Im neither a big fan of his, but this time this is too much to resist. So much mud splatting going on on a single hero and that too when his next movie is to release very soon and his whole of the career depends on his next release … "Veera bhadra"; spates of movies of the same theme of factionism and all have sank without a trace. Sad that the next movie too seems no different. And its obvious mostly that it might be a flop. But frankly isnt it time a respite is given for the hero and for us too?

PS:The hero is balakrishna.


behenji- a 55-word post.

Be covered up. Be invisible. Her mother admonished her. ‘It is my fault’ she told herself and now she was the ‘behenji’.

Nothing changed, neither the leery looks, nor the regular brushing-by like groping and the more obvious grinding.

She dreamed of being a ‘maa ji’. Then everything would change.

She couldnt be anymore wrong.

Nasal Pain.

Is there something with hit singers, women and pain?

See Himesh Reshammiya. Awesome voice for the first debut album song, the pain was almost real-life like singing in the pain of love. Then came second one, that too for his lady love. Then came the third, this too was the same thing. And now there is a fourth, it too has the same pain. All have the same voice, same nasal drooling.

Remember, Adnan’s videos? They were all the same too. Same lady love, same leave and go. And alone hero in pain.

No disrespect intended to your skills folks, frankly its irritating guys. And the biggest listener is soon turning out to be the first one to change the channel. Cmon guys, is this the best you’ve got!?

How to unpuncture the punctured tyre.

Ever owned a cycle of your own. And remember having to deal with punctures just when you were doing those awesome tricks in front of the cutie or to show off the ammazzing wheeling to your friends…? And then pushing the cycle to the nearest cycle shop ‘uncle’? If you are the select few who patch the cycle on their own chance is you will relive the experience by seeing the video below. Chances are if you dont know how to patch up the cycle, times you learn it how…

Now let the video do the talking 🙂

One of the stars of the show is Shashank, my childhood school mate buddy. And frankly thats a terrific video, sounds too perfect 😀


I know iPod is the next best thing to swoon after, after a hot hunk or a dashing babe… but even then…!

Small caps and mittens for it, and then if you have a lots of them; a convenient rack for the caps too! Now, thats pure business genius!

barcamp hyderabad!!!

after that great barcamp delhi, now is the time for barcamp-hyderabad. incidentally, barcamp-chennai is coming too! and the date is the 8th of april for both of them![subject to change].

to the clueless and not so clueless, and not so not clueless, a barcamp is just a bottom-up approach to a conference. its a classic ‘un’conference where everyone needs to participate actively, so the numbers of passive listeners are almost negligible or none! the point is, a participant either has to present a topic or help in the organising of the conference or both… so because of the total democratic nature of this conference, everything, yes i mean, *everything* is subject to change! right from the topics decided to even the speakers. everything and everyone is invited 🙂 the whole point is, its a not for profit, free-for-all, no-holds-barred, participation-intense, activity-intense day of free wheeling discussions, articles and tech bonanza for you!
since we have no huge conference organizers, every help is totally unconditionally appreciated. corporate goodies, tees, grub, pens, everything that will help the folks is totally ok with us 😉

and oh yes, do follow the goings on at that wiki we have setup for it at:

And if you are Hyderabad/Not-Hyderabad based tech/non-tech blogger ; but are interested in Barcamp-Hyderabad go add your roll to the hyderabad tech blogroll, hosted kindly by smr. thanks smr! 🙂

And, please spread the word!

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