Urgent call for a AB+ blood donor

There is a urgent call for a AB+ group blood donor in Hyderabad for an open heart surgery in Yashoda Hospital ,
Secunderabad , Near Clock Tower before 27th Feb
. Please please dont hesitate, just give Mr. Sounak Bhar a call on 9849561754.


exchange offer

Give me your tears
And i shall give you smiles.
Give me your fears
And i shall give you a heart devoid of it.
Give me your pain
And i shall be its cure.
Give me the tiredness
And i shall paint the dash in you.
In return I give you my heart
Would you please help me wipe you out of it?

Prof. PJN Rocks!

Prof. PJN, my FYP advisor is one of the 8 recipients of the Virtual Earth RFP[Request for Funding Proposal]. He is the only one from India and the only one outside United States. Its one of those Kodak moments, that once in a life time events; they just happen and you just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

As we all say at IIIT, Prof. PJN Rocks! Words are failing right now. And Im just waiting for the sort of idea the god has in mind and definitely it will blow us all away. This is just such a proud moment
Cheers! 🙂 *yay!*

The details here!


Got this blog entry from a friend of mine about a VC post of a new startup company. Promptly went to their site and even tried it out.

The new internet app. [We have been seeing a LOT of them lately, havent we?] which aims to work as your browser based IMs all-in-one place. Something analogous to GAIM in a browser. That is what Meebo is for you in short. Hey! but isnt something ringing in your head regarding those keywords? “browser + im”. Hmm… when was the time we heard about one such thing? Oh my, thats the one! … Google Talk in Gmail, isnt it?

What gets me thinking is that when GMail provides with the opportunity of sending a mail from your gmail account as though its from one other accounts[yahoo, msn, corporate, etc] how far is it from integrating the IM support for these other IMs into the browser itself? It already has google chat in gmail isnt it? Or is there something that actually stops it from doing so… Could this be the next thing in the ‘Evolution of Google’??? And then what would happen to meebo? Is Meebo the next in line to be acquiesed by Google?
PS: Dont ask me how I can send mail as though its from my other account from my gmail, I forgot the link 😦 

PS : In your Gmail, Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Add email…