Business Idea: HitClub [Rank=Genius]

Close on looking at the Stroke Foundation of UK, and frankly that Im now officially jobless and penniless entrepreneur on the look out for business ideas, I had this braintide about implementing a new business idea : HitClub.

Every business that has a very strong correlation to the real life wins. Its as simple as that. So heres the idea.

HitClub consists of two active participants. One the hitters and the others hit-me. Hitters are the frustrated candidates who want to vent out their frustrations of bad bosses, ultra lazy government bureaucrats, idiotic teachers. Now these guys want a way out to vent their frustrations by hitting someone. In real life this can give you a good deal of a coverage for dealing in domestic violence or manslaughter. However we will make it easy for the Hitters.

We have other set of people called the Hit-Mes who are the guys Hitters can use as targets of their frustration. Basically, Hit-Mes charge very prohibitive costs for taking in the punches, kicks et al while the Hitters pay money for helping getting their frustrations out. The business idea is in connecting Hit-Mes to your Hitters and start charing a percentage for each session and lo and behold you have a business in hand! πŸ˜€

Anyone who really sees a potential in this idea can contact me asap. Lets work something out ;))


8 thoughts on “Business Idea: HitClub [Rank=Genius]

  1. Needed .. A hit me ..
    has to be around 5ft 10 inch in height .. about 90 kgs in weight and must be punchable with fluffy cheeks and protruding tummy .. (somehow sreejith fits the bill perfectly πŸ˜€ )
    Past experience a must !! .. must not bleed and definately must not hit back (ahh .. that rules out sreejith )

  2. If you remember there was a forward going around 2-3 yrs back where you could punch Bush’s face.. Now something similar – where the user can upload a photograph and punch that face virtually … That would be the e-version of your idea πŸ˜›

  3. aka fight club? i also happened to catch a stupid hindi movie called “fight club” a few months back with pretty much the same idea that u’ve outlined. But please dont watch that movie or you might want to join the hitters club πŸ˜€

    utkarsh, u and me…right now. just let me have a go at you.

  4. @utkarsh, sreejith
    you guys are missing the point! its a club that enables you to releive your frustrations when you feel like hitting someone, not fighting. its dangerously similar but the hitclub gives you the way to vent out your frustrations, with the help of a passive hit bag πŸ˜€

    but of course, im quite enthusiastic about to see the fightclub in action.


    yo mah man, you totally got it. but then you would also hv to pay bush in my club and bush might actually turn out to the richest man alive πŸ˜€

  5. I have an app idea that is hands down a multi- billion dollar, win-win situation. I need to create a six man think tank. All who are involved will receive equal shares when “we” get final product to are target market. God speed…

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