BarcampHyderabad3 — Barcamp time!

Its December and now its barcamp time! Hyderabad is ahead of all other Indian cities for sure. Its the third Barcamp already!!! Go Register yourself.

Mark the date: 13:00, 16th December, Infosys Campus.


Plagiarist Raja/CreatorRaja

Just had this post on the blog of Rocky, one of the IIIT blogs i follow regularly. It was not very suprising to see his posts copied/plagiarised verbatim by another blogger; it was not long ago when Rohan Pinto’s case had rocked Indian blogsphere and here we have one more guy doing the same thing. For now Im keywording him with plagiarist. Hope he mends his act.

PS : Check it out! The Raja dude has deleted his blog!

Spirits, Athiests and Questions

Spirits (Souls) are a very common question that athiests play when debating with theists. The question follows:

If every person has one soul then where do the additional souls come from when people are born daily? If say, all souls come from a single source then where do these new souls come from?

Theoretically, the question posed is as follows. Say one instant of time there are N persons and hence, N souls. Say there is a single main source of these souls called God. Since we say all souls come/go from/to this God (ref. Bhagavadgita), the theoretical capacity is N souls. As souls start going out of this container of souls (which we named God), the number of souls in God should decrease, i.e for M people on earth, the souls remaining in God is N – M. Now lets say as population increases the number of persons increases from N to N+1, … Now the question is how/where do this extra souls come from?

I was always trying hard to find a convincing solution for myself; until I discovered there was one more intangible thing in  this world that doesnt change based on the amount of it borrowed from the source i.e. followed this same property exhibited by souls & God – Knowledge

Im getting Gazzag Spammed! Heeeeeeeeeelp!

In the last three days today I received the millionth(tad exagerrating) invite from Gazzag. Three things:

1. How can people just give away their google id and google password to a third party service just like that? Whats sadder is the guys from whom Im getting the invites dont know that this happens(all people on their address book getting spammed!) & are IT folks.

2. There is no sense of paranoia or fear of security or identity theft in India. No wonder that, considering not most of the IT companies or IT colleges concentrate on IT security.

3. Gazzag is just taking the route of I guess by spamming all persons on my list. Looks a lot like page jacking used by porn websites, where they keep pestering the surfers with popups and invites until they `fall to the temptation` and ultimately join the network. I just wish atleast for this crappy way of viral marketing that Gazzag involves in stops flops.

Mood: Irritated.

Knowledge@Wharton – India Update

K@W announced today the commencement of India Knowledge@Wharton, aimed at the study of India. Calculated (or Hyped up) notions of the boom in the Indian economy make its growing presence in the global economy virtually undeniable and hard to overlook; the achievements on the other hand still need a lot to be done.

Sponsored by ISB & HCL, its quite interesting to see these two brands get their fair share of mind share and brand-building by getting associated with the extended family of Knowledge @ Wharton.  Hoping the articles in IK@W are as good as the ones in K@W.