Notice: March against (mindless) reservations.

From the organizers of the march in Hyderabad on 21st May :

After taking permission with the police commisionor, here are the details:

Day: Sunday, 21st May

Time:10AM Venue: Indirapark Main entrance (Near SnowWorld), Lower Tank Bund Road
All of us will get together at Indripark and go around it on Tank Bund Road. Thereafter, a few representatives would go and meet the Governor on the issue.

Pls pass this meesage to everyone to join us at Indirapark on Sunday.

For any doubts/clarification please contact the main organisers

Sumeet Gupta (9885077147) gupta_sumeet AT yahoo DOT com
Nilotpal Chakravarty (9866523637) thatsme_neil AT yahoo DOT co DOT in

Not that i completely agree with it, but definitely this is a good sounding board and definitely a place to get more people into the fray.


superman. smallville st lyrics- its not easy to be me.

i cant stand to fly
im not that naive
im just out to find
the better part of me


im more than a bird
im more than a plane
im more than a pretty face beside a train
and its not easy
to be me


i wish that i could cry
fall upon my knees
find a way to lie
about a home i'll never see


it may sound absurd
but dont be naive
even heroes have the right to bleed


i may be distrubed
but wont you conceed
even heroes have the right to dream
and its not easy to be me


up up and away awy from me
well its alright you can all sleep sound tonight
im not crazy or anything


i cant stand to fly
im not that naive
men werent meant to ride
with clouds between their knees
im only a man in a silly red sheet
digging for kryptonite on this one way street


im only a man in a fully red sheet
looking for special things inside of me
inside of me, inside of me,
yaa inside of me, inside of me


im only a man in a fully red sheet
am only a man looking for a dream
im only a man in a fully red sheet
and its not easy to be me.
its not easy to be ME (fade)


whats wonderful is the human(e) element. where he is not a man of steel but just a human with his own vulnerable side; the side thats still weak, emotional and illogical, essentially making him … human. its wonderful how these comics can talk to both kids and adults alike: the promise of the all the strength while still having to stay human.. having to deal with the emotional turmoil.

sexually starved cities?

'tap tap tip tap tap tap…'

'whatcha doin'?'

'searching for sex.'

'you sick idiot'

'hey! dont blame me! the other countries is doing it too…well, with such a scarcity for a quality encounterss my frustration shows… if you dont believe me ask google' LoL. RoTFL

The only point is where is aamchi hyderabad and kolkata in the race? Prolly our notoreity for the love of biyani is not without basis. Hyderabadis are truly lazy and have that unlimited fetish for food. muhuahahahahahahahahahaha.

I need…

Cube, the movie. Give me your bid. Ill make a deal you cannot refuse. 

An idea to which I can dedicate my life without regrets. 

Just give the first, the latter Ill fight it out myself.