1984 – Mac. I missed this milestone.

2001 – iPod. There.

2007 – iPhone. There!

Lots of rumors later. Lots of speculations later. We have one single device : iPod + mobile phone + internet connectivity device all in one. Isnt that gorgeous? A thing of beauty.


Apple has this knack of thinking ahead of the masses. And what a way to think. Keypads have been one of my worst technological phobias and thats one of the many reasons why i still own a Nokia 3310. And now with the touchscreen thing, the cumbersome keypad must be history. Only thing that I have been worried about since a long time with a touchscreen is the problem of SCRATCHES. Of course, if iPhone is scratchproof, then …

In the meantime though, hop over to Engadget to read a blow by blow account of the MacWorld Expo and iPhone. Im just going gaga over it and there this one goes into my wishlist… The question is how well it works in India! Will it?

Oh and btw Apple Computers, Inc will henceforth be known as Apple, Inc! Think about that!


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