The economics of bouncing back

I had earlier written about how the immediate bouncing back of Mumbai from the serial blasts that rocked it looked more like amnesia of a city than a spirit to bounce back. Last Friday, Hyderabad rocked under the blast in the Mecca Masjid on Jumme-ke-din; 12 people killed. Small riots broke out, but came under control within a few hours.

Had that happened a mere five years ago, such peace would have been unthinkable. Curfew was imminent and the loss of lives would have been much worse. But this, this bouncing back to life? Amazing.

A city choosing to move on because the day to day economics wont work – we saw that happen in Mumbai and then in Hyderabad. Is economics to blame for people for forget about riots and get back to life as soon as possible, because their livelihood depends on them doing the work? A few years ago, the same youth might have been unemployed, angst ridden and ready to cause mass-scale destruction just on the call of a selfish politician who would pay them a 100 bucks, a packed of biryani and desi daru for the rioting?

Guess if thats the way economics can make people saner, then hail the free markets. The Hindu quotes this as change in the social matrix, I would say the truth, its because of the change in the economic matrix in the city. People are ready to work hard, because the returns are guaranteed; more work, more pay. It cannot get simpler than this.


Building your first Flex app without using FlexBuilder

One of the biggest news this week has been that Adobe has made FlexSDK opensource which is like yay! Well, the SDK has the compiler for the mxml and as code but the FlexBuilder does all this automatically for the user without her having to know the compiler commandline et al; but hoping that Adobe gives out the FlexBuilder to FOSS 😀 I know, i know we geeks can be greedy. Well.. I downloaded the FlexSDK yesterday, now that it was opensource and tried building my first application and guess what? Its very easy. Maybe thats because its the hello world program. Here’s how:

  • Download the SDK from here.
  • Unzip the SDK into a directory of your choice and for the sake of easy; add its bin directory to your path variable.
  • Now to writing your first helloworld program.
  • Most of the code is self explanatory; so I’ll skip the step of having to explain all that to you.
  • The code is as follows. See that you save it into helloworld.mxml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        backgroundGradientColors="{#ffffff, #ffffff}">
          label="Say Hello World"
          click="'Hello World!')"
          height="75" width="186"
             import mx.controls.Alert;
  • Compile this file now in the commandline using the command ‘mxmlc helloworld.mxml‘. An output swf file helloworld.swf is created!
  • Compile this file now in the commandline using the command ‘mxmlc helloworld.mxml‘. An output swf file helloworld.swf is created!
  • See how it works in your browser with the flash runtime installed!

Im really hoping I get enough time to try build a simple Eclipse based plugin for Flex using its SDK… Or are there projects already doing it?

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DesiMartini copies FaceBook UI?

One of my many opinions on the mainstream webcommunity in India is that Its still stuck in 1.0 world; where the mainstream media still reigns supreme; a farcry from a 2.0 media world. Agreed blogs are big, bit frankly not even that big unless in the geek circles.

Anyway the point is, in India the web-based social networks are still built by the traction they get on the mainstream media – TV. GoG went the TV way, Scooty girls are starting the same(in newspapers) and now we have DesiMartini the same way. Frankly though DesiMartini never even looks Indian from the ads they beam, well thats another matter altogether. I just happened to go watch the tongue-in-cheek spoof of spiderman – Makkadman. And its hilarious!

And from there I went to DesiMartini and thats where I got an idea of where I saw this UI – FaceBook. Some parts, the fonts and the color combo verbatim lifted off facebook!

dm.jpeg  fb.jpg

profile1.png  fb1.jpg