dream tut

The warm breath I could feel on my skin,

Glassy eyes brimming with love,

Thick pouting lips,

Silky moist skin,

fresh, natural like winter morning dew,

A stranger,

she looked as if my soul was clear to her,

My deepest desires lay bare to her

and, Yet i felt close vulnerable

but strangely secure,

It wasnt you,

but a stranger,

and I wasnt taken aback,

it felt closely personal,

As if someone i knew was here with me;

and then i woke up.

I felt life come back,

For my dreams had told me that

i was ready to move on…

ever woke up from a dream that tells you, you are ready to move on? its a sign mayhaps that things now arent what they were and things will, be what you will. what if a dream tells you not of amazing possibilities, amazing powers hidden deep inside your kundalini but of stark facts. dreams as a guide to the real world; telling you that your scars have healed.

egging you like a strict parent that you now need to start concentrating on looking forward while driving the bike instead of crying over your bleeding gash. what if dreams are your personal tutor to life?


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