What if God were an Athiest?

An athiest is one who strongly believes in the power of man,
in that power of man to build what he dreams,
to be what he wills himself to be,
and not believe in a god just to ask petty favors from, in return of devotion.

If the only aim of god is to help the man rise above himself,
to rise above the ridiculous flaws of a human himself,
then if every human were to follow that god religiously,
then the biggest devotee would be the biggest athiest.

To be the biggest devotee of this god, you've got to be an athiest first.


18 thoughts on “What if God were an Athiest?

  1. Neat attempt at a cute argument. But I think the point
    can be made more simply. Men made their deity in their
    own, human image: spiteful, petty, unimaginative.

    Yes, non-theists start from a better position. And
    eternity spent praising the man-like lord that I
    was taught would be Hell indeed.


  2. @Cy
    Yes that could be true, that humans have made god into the image of themselves and not the other way round as could be put. My only attempt was to come from the other side and make a strong point 🙂

  3. And you succeeded, Poorna. Very impressive. Thank you.
    Great job. It was ungracious of me if I conveyed
    the impression that I thought otherwise.


  4. @Cy
    I think its my turn to apologise. I totally agree with your point… I felt as if i shot down your point arrogantly instead of saying that i just was approaching the problem from the other side 😀 Anycase, lets keep the niceties aside. Doesnt gel much with either of our persona.

  5. @Sabs
    Me too am not very sure… But somehow that is what a god should essentially be. To make the man so self-suffiecient, that the god himself becomes redundant! Same case with religion, to make the humans recognise their own power, so that the other things become redundant.

    Can say so many parallels, make your software so good, that the developer is not needed again. Teachers who are so good that the students dont need them again… If you are really good at something, you become redundant once the consumers use your service. i.e that they dont need to come back again.

  6. I like your argument. Except for one thing: most atheists would not agree with your premise. In fact most atheists would tell you that the only thing that makes one an atheist is a non-belief in god. You can be completely disgusted with the human condition and behaviour, and still be an atheist. 🙂

  7. @Tanu
    Yeah, i know, that premise would be the achilles heel of this one. Coz this one actually needs the person to move from the darkness to light( from a thiest to that of an athiest… harr harr harr).

    that part, yeah, my athiest just takes god as one of those unending debates and just does all the work himself. no time for praying and all such…

  8. What a God should essentially be…when religion and faith make humans realise they are, after all, human, no matter how self-sufficient.
    Very interesting line of thought, the more you ponder!

  9. @tanu
    totally missed the misspelling! 😦

    yeah, its empowering at once and maybe frightening to know; we are all what we want to be; even driving ourselves to be what we want to be…

  10. I love this series of comments!

    I know we are not supposed to advertise our blog on the blog of another person (or something) but I wish I had this kind of response to my “Natural Afterlife -A Harmless Space Age Faith” and the two follow-up posts.


  11. @Cyquick
    Post up a link from your site in here, no problemo. We’ll all go and read it up and maybe even start a flame war there. You know me lazy bum, cannot go and search for the topic. Feel free to post the link in here.

  12. Thankyou very much for your generosity. It is sad that I do not know how to post a link. My username is
    my website is
    Would you kindly do it for me? Cheers, if so
    Cy Quick

  13. I have just found a place called My Comments. It has all the stuff that I commented on other blogs and my blog too. Gee. Of course, you guys know I deleted my first effort at a blog. It is on the go again. I still have no clue how to post a link on another blog or my blog. The FAQ answers are too confusing. I wonder what Sowmya meant by “good one”. I get it not. Ciao, Cheers cyquick.wordpress.com

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