iDream of flight

Almost every male friend I know(including myself?) had this childhood dream of being a fighter pilot if not a pilot. As I said almost every one. Now what puzzles me, am I allowed to make that sweeping statement? If yes, how can I know its true or its not? And more importantly what is it for girls?

How about making a small survey or a poll? Whats the best way to consolidate the results? Can a trackback work well in this scenario? Please put it in your comments or use trackbacks.
Assumptions iMade

  • Geographic demography is limited to India
  • That we are talking of young men and women. (< 30)

4 thoughts on “iDream of flight

  1. Some how my destructive-tender mind then didn’t actually catch the fancy of ‘flying’. My dad was in Air Force, and yes, I was fancying at one stage of becoming a Fighter Pilot, bombarding the most strategic and crucial enemy targets (won’t reveal the enemy country or the locations) with awesome precision. Taking the liberty of guessing (actually true accounts – my childhood friends) what it might be of girls, I feel they fancy becoming Supermodels, Air Hostesses (again, two decades back).

    What say?

  2. @cassamino
    see…! thats one more dude of becoming a fighter pilot!

    however not very sure about the women’s side. im a bit in the dark about it… so definitely some views from the other side will help.

    but hey, are you serious about the supermodels & airhostesses thing? as young girls???! woah!

  3. hmmm… I wanted to be a soldier – guns, grime, et all 😛 and I still do 🙂

    Most girls I know dreamt of being princesses (seriously!) Given the combo of dolls, fairytales and general pampering that girls get, being a princess seems plausible 😀 Quite a few supermodels, teachers, and one dancer…

  4. @sabs
    he he. guns, grime. woot! that is interesting!

    supermodels & princesses; its not wonder barbie is still alive! dreaming of becoming teachers is like wow. dancer is cool too.

    so is it fair to generalise the trend among males and females then?

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