Was reading this interesting blog post by rajat on recoja

At one time my idea was to create a micro-bookmarking tool (i.e. bookmarking of micro selected content) in firefox. Its interesting how recoja has extended this to tags. Am quite eager to see how this can be developed into a revenue model.

However my own initial issues with the idea were:

a. pages with dynamic content. since most of the web, atleast the content for scholastic content is static, so this would not be a major problem with such pages. however, the dynamic nature is still a major issue.

b.because of the micro content analysis, micro-management might be an issue, umpteen issues might crop up. (1) as shown is already an issue
c. will a community interface work with it? i mean what all value can it add to the micro-bookmarking process? so can something like interface for this micro-bookmarking?

d. revenue? if its not being done with revenue in mind, cool…

e. laziness to make a quick prototype 😀 


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