Startup life is not easy. Bootstrapping is doubly so. Just wanted to see a fighter film; Rocky Balboa is too simple and sugary to actually reflect the grittiness and pain; its a underdog story and everyone knows how it goes.

Have been long wanting to see Pursuit of Happyness. Finally saw it yesterday.

Verdict: Blown Away.

There are few films that speak to you for the right moment and with the right emotion; and this one is just so simply about my pursuit of my happyness. This definitely falls into my new category of Fighter Movies. Ive seen some of them already but this one takes the cake and for putting that truth out there: Its not about how hard you try, its about how hard you can keep trying it all.


5 thoughts on “Happyness

  1. Seen Rocky Balboa a long time back .. havent yet seen the persuit of happiness… now as you are so strongly suggesting .. I think I shouldnt give it a miss ..

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