Friends, VDays

A movie
A meal
A thought
A moment of silent contemplation
A fired up discussion
A silent moment
A heated debate
A teary eyed farewell
A cheery smile
A wonderful thought
A patient ear
A strong shoulder
A tender heart
A stubborn mind

For all the things we did together
I thank you for all the things that you are
And for all the things you’ve turned me into.
Thank you folks and Thank you Mates.


Never mind even if I have met you only once in my life.
Never mind even I have never seen and only heard your voice.
Never mind even if you have given me one moment of thought in your mind.
Never mind even if you have never called me, the intent is enough.
Never mind even if alll you say to me is a ‘Hi’.
Never mind even if we have never met in life. But when I see you, just look at me, spread your smile and wave at me. You would have made my day 🙂

You are my friend if you have a tick for any of the above. Even if its not, dont worry, its not too late to dash a mail to me. Thank you guys. Each one of you counts more than you can understand.


For all the wonderful singles and of course the couples. since its a formality and sometimes its better to be formal.


Happy Valentines Day!


Steer away from the commercialization of the V-Day. Make every day… nay every moment count 🙂


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