spam kills

“a sparrow was in love with a white rose.. one day this sparrow proposed the white rose.. the white rose rore told when he turns red he’ll love her..sparrow tears her body & slowely spread her blood on the white rose and it turns red & fell in love but the sparrow is no more.. this is love.. if u really love some one forward this msg to 9 friends , u will see him/her on 14 feb with u. have the best luck.. plz don’t break the chain “

Got the above spam message in my IM. I was reminded of the real poem story faintly i remember associated with this story. It is one where a man is in love with a woman. the woman says she will love him if he gives her a red rose. The man disheartened returns as there are only white roses around. Seeing his pain, a sparrow[swallow?] nightingale asks a white rose bush for a red rose and it tells him that only the blood from its heart can make a white rose red. The sparrow nightingale pierces its heart with a thorn and starts singing all night. By the morning the rose turns red but the little sparrow nightingale is dead. In the morning, the young man is overjoyed to find the rose in his garden. He plucks the rose and goes to give it to the maiden. But he finds that his lover is now engaged to another (rich?) man. He is anguished and throws the rose away and goes back to work…

That probably was my first encounter with a tragedy; a love story which ends with no recognition for the sacrifices done. A self-centred world. 😦
Anycase, can anyone update me about the poem story here? Was it by Ogden Nash Oscar Wilde?


It was a story and was by Oscar Wilde, The Nightingale and the Rose. Go read it online.All edits and updates credits to Sabs,thanks & hugs to you Sabs 🙂


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