The trip

The disappointment of a housefull matinee show later,
Picking up a friend from his house without his chappals reasoning ‘anyways we wont go far’ later,
Ruminating about the absence of any good hangout spots in the radius of 60 kms around hyderabad later,
And so deciding to go to Nagarjuna Sagar dam at 4:00 in the evening later,
1200 bucks lighter in the pockets later,
330 kilometers of non stop driving & sitting in the car and cramps later,
5 hours of travelling later,
Two near miss “zero-gasoline trapped in no-mans-land useless-car” scenarios later,
One scenario of empty gas car stopped scene later,
Mistaking a buffalo for a black panther & a nanosecond moment of terror later,
Strolling on the dam for hour and a half later,
Clear full moon sky, silver sheet of water and gray rocks later,
Seduced by the vast expanse of water to make a jump later,
Friends promising to push you off the edge if you do manage to climb it later,
Confusing debate on moralities later,
Reminiscing the days of yore, character analysis and laughing later,
Dropping lighted matchsticks, matchboxes, stubs to find the height later,
Panicked parents making frantic calls for their missing wards later,
When you finally come home to sleep deprived parents,
Sitting alone in the room watching your dose of TV and having your dinner at 12:00,
When you sit and think up and it all adds up perfectly,
you just smile, feel happy, blessed and fulfilled,
And go to sleep!


5 thoughts on “The trip

  1. @rakesh
    since ive woken up, go ahead and give your comment 🙂

    yeah, it was 🙂 yes man you can go on bikes. And its really really good one. But be careful you will start getting tired by the time you return!

    Btw, if you go on bike you are even allowed to go on the road on the dam, cars arent allowed!

  2. @Sabs
    Thats the tragedy of it all! No pics. When one of us came without even his chappals, how could we even have the taken/thought about a camera! Must buy a camera phone soon! 🙂

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