Notice: March against (mindless) reservations.

From the organizers of the march in Hyderabad on 21st May :

After taking permission with the police commisionor, here are the details:

Day: Sunday, 21st May

Time:10AM Venue: Indirapark Main entrance (Near SnowWorld), Lower Tank Bund Road
All of us will get together at Indripark and go around it on Tank Bund Road. Thereafter, a few representatives would go and meet the Governor on the issue.

Pls pass this meesage to everyone to join us at Indirapark on Sunday.

For any doubts/clarification please contact the main organisers

Sumeet Gupta (9885077147) gupta_sumeet AT yahoo DOT com
Nilotpal Chakravarty (9866523637) thatsme_neil AT yahoo DOT co DOT in

Not that i completely agree with it, but definitely this is a good sounding board and definitely a place to get more people into the fray.


4 thoughts on “Notice: March against (mindless) reservations.

  1. I am cursing myself for not being part of this..

    Who is Arjun singh ?? Who the hell has given him to increase reservations ….

    HRD decided to increase the quota as they still feel
    that backward classes have a long way to grow…So what
    has reservation done to us in 59 years….

    Why shud the an OBC with Rs 1 crore property get a
    better deal compared to a upper class student with a
    family property of 1 lakh….

    Who is answering this ????

    Shame Arjun , Manmohan…
    Where are we heading…??

    Thanks to people like you that non chalant youth has
    started following news

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