the fall of a titan

*a totally incoherent post to the telugu-film illiterate folks*

A series of mails that hit my mailbox recently, very:

Three images of the three big dangers to the world now

1. A big comet going to hit earth in 2019

2. A ELE causing comet crash

3. A movie by a hero

Then again in the comparision of the armies of US & India; slides roll by filed with different herds[sic] the complete armada of American planes[grounded actually] and then at the end, the Indian side represented by that same hero

Then we have a mail asking children, old people and pregnant ladies to skip the mail. Pulse racing the others go ahead and open the mail and find the photo of that same hero.

Im neither a big fan of his, but this time this is too much to resist. So much mud splatting going on on a single hero and that too when his next movie is to release very soon and his whole of the career depends on his next release … "Veera bhadra"; spates of movies of the same theme of factionism and all have sank without a trace. Sad that the next movie too seems no different. And its obvious mostly that it might be a flop. But frankly isnt it time a respite is given for the hero and for us too?

PS:The hero is balakrishna.


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