barcamp hyderabad!!!

after that great barcamp delhi, now is the time for barcamp-hyderabad. incidentally, barcamp-chennai is coming too! and the date is the 8th of april for both of them![subject to change].

to the clueless and not so clueless, and not so not clueless, a barcamp is just a bottom-up approach to a conference. its a classic ‘un’conference where everyone needs to participate actively, so the numbers of passive listeners are almost negligible or none! the point is, a participant either has to present a topic or help in the organising of the conference or both… so because of the total democratic nature of this conference, everything, yes i mean, *everything* is subject to change! right from the topics decided to even the speakers. everything and everyone is invited 🙂 the whole point is, its a not for profit, free-for-all, no-holds-barred, participation-intense, activity-intense day of free wheeling discussions, articles and tech bonanza for you!
since we have no huge conference organizers, every help is totally unconditionally appreciated. corporate goodies, tees, grub, pens, everything that will help the folks is totally ok with us 😉

and oh yes, do follow the goings on at that wiki we have setup for it at:

And if you are Hyderabad/Not-Hyderabad based tech/non-tech blogger ; but are interested in Barcamp-Hyderabad go add your roll to the hyderabad tech blogroll, hosted kindly by smr. thanks smr! 🙂

And, please spread the word!

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And for any more info, drop a mail to any of us-
Ramesh (rameshl AT progress DOT com)
Rajan ( thiyagarajan AT gmail DOT com )
Kopos ( poorna DOT shashank AT gmail DOT com )
Rajat ( rajat.gupta AT hotmail DOT com)


2 thoughts on “barcamp hyderabad!!!

  1. I think we could publicize this on online Hyderabad forums too. I found a rather big Hyderabad
    forum here. There also seem to be charity spots on the FM channels, which will provide free mileage if you reciprocate at the venue.

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