“It is so beautiful isn’t it? This was made in America, the US of A, you know..” the tinge of pride unmistakable in the voice.

“Hmm…. How much does it cost?”

“I don’t know… it is a gift. And you know what, right now everything I am having are American. And they are all so good!!!”

“But they don’t look much different to me. Im sure with that same money you’ll get a lot better products here in India itself”

“Hmpf… The soaps and all I get from US. I can’t bear the Indian ones, they are all so low quality. They are completely useless and bad to the skin. The things made in America are soooooo good.”

I didn’t have the heart though, to break the truth of the aura of Made-In-America products. Nike shoes for one.


4 thoughts on “Aura

  1. Interesting read…but the craze for American goods, american soil and american ‘freedom’ will never die.
    And unless one comes here and breathes it one will never realize it isn’t all that great 🙂

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