Its one of these things that you think up when you are biking along on a road for 20 mins…you think. And you have a method of thinking. My style varies all the while. Sometimes i take a stand and see how i can reason it out. Other times, i reason it out, make a mush of all things available and then decide on what stand to take.

Today the snought [a play on the word nought=zero, and also means snippet of thought] or the more popular Chautauqua[shameless plagiarism here] will be on the concept of arranged marriages.

Took a stand that its good and then found out reasons for it. My analysis tells me this.

As much a person “thinks” that he/she knows himself well, its more or less contrived and always turns out to be what they “think” they are, than what they actually are. Parents in these cases are more or less good/great predictors of their children’s behavior. Since almost all marriages[even love marriages] always seem to turn out to be union of strangers inspite of all the courting that goes beforehand; parents finding the most suitable girl or boy based on the behavioral traits of their own kids and hooking them up with suitable prospects seems to be quite a simple answer to a lot of heartbreaks!!!

But of course there are always the exceptions… 🙂


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