bib no. 15307

It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.

– Lester Burnham, American Beauty

bib no 15307

A little late but an update I could not afford to not have on my blog – for vanity, posterity and for the story that I could narrate to my grandchildren of how their grandpa ran a 10Km stretch on a cold wintry morning [or a hot scorching sun, whichever is a rarity then] in 60 minutes flat and had left many other runners in the dust.

In case you have missed the point of the story and of course the instant jubilation that comes with it – the news is… I managed to run the complete 10Km stretch of the Hyderabad 10K run and did it in 1 hour and 5 minutes which is not a bad distance for someone aiming to finish 5Km and do the rest in walk. Looks like my six pack is not far behind…

Thanks to kishore and naresh for planting the idea to do the run in the first place. And of course to the runners from APSP, the paaji & the runners from SA & Kenya with whom I matched my rhythm when i started slacking … Thanks and cheers to you folks.

Hopefully next year I can target for bigger surprises. How does the half marathon look? 😛

 priceless - the four after finishing the race

priceless! after finishing our 10k run!


8 thoughts on “bib no. 15307

  1. For 10Kms u took more than an hour…dude its high time for you to seriously look at your weight 🙂 …. if it was the first time u ever ran, then its a good show 😉

  2. @ideasmithy
    thank you thank you. yes yes definitely this particular story is definitely going to go down a long way into the lives of my gene tree… a half-marathon or a full marathon should make a much much better story 😀

    thanks for dropping in btw. its quite nice to see one of the bloggers up high on my reading list coming back to make comments here!


  3. Of note, I don’t always comment. I’m a silent lurker like a lot of other people. Do keep that in mind since some bloggers think their reader base is much smaller than it really is, based on just their comments.

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