what breaks?

Yesterday, we were working late hours in office, obviously work. And obviously with the rules in Hyderabad where late night working souls cannot have any food security after 11 pm in the night, we had to start searching for a goo place to have some food. Infact as far as economic incentives work out, with a commodity so rare and market would always exist, and as most of the things theoretical, this one did too. However, the shop makeshift shop owners did manage to make some very good food, the occasional warning would come from the lady that the police might come any moment so we better not crowd before the shop. And comply all did.

The constables came on their rounds and talked to the owner. We were pretty much done too. However then came the Rakshak vehicles and mercilessly start lathi-charging the silently eating customers. We managed to escape but by the time we came back to retrieve the vehicles, we were presented with a not so pleasant sight.

The ramshackle kitchen was a mess. The policemen managed to uprooting everything destroying a push cart on the side. The stove was broken. Men were absent. Women were cleaning up the mess. The story started to unfold… When the police were lathicharging the eating men, some of them mutinied and hit them back. This pissed off the police real bad and the scene turned pretty nasty pretty soon. Most of the things were destroyed and most of the men taken in the jeeps to the police station.

This begs some questions
– Why would a 11 o clock shutdown exist and still night shift employment permitted or atleast rules not made clear that the employees had to arrange their own food
– What was the need to lathicharge a peaceful silent group of people eating their late dinner?
– Why not simply ask them to leave? If a shop is serving food, why hit the customers?
– What was the rationale where the constable doesn’t put the word sternly to close the shop? No kickbacks are being hinted at here, but given the scenario, why not
– Why in the hell though that some other places its still open after 11. I personally know of atleast 2 other places that the business goes on till the wee hours in the morning

Or as I would ask … What breaks?

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