Life is good. Life is great. Life is unbelievable.  Life is hard. Life is cruel. Life is so beautiful. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

That’s just some of the first few words of that silly neat song by LFO. Unbridled optimism and silly fun to listen while driving that car in a midnight rain on a darkened truck filled highways.

What makes some people tick? For days together? And what makes some go in circles every few days? They are like the sunny sides up for a few days that mysteriously turn into that dark gloomy clouds that none wants to go under. Gaaaaaaahhh earthlings! Them and their flawed decisions. Them and their blunders. Them and their silly decisions. The more I seem to talk to people, interact with them and be a part of their lives, the more I seem to make observations, the more I seem to take random calls on their decisions, the more I come to a concrete truth.

That there is no absolute truth. There is nothing thats called truth. Up until a few months ago I had this strong belief that there are certain immutable truths. That some stand the test of personal scrutiny.  There is no such thing as a subjective belief as long as one is patient and persistent to test them on the personal scrutiny. But all I can conclude now is that such a expectation of personal scrutiny and introspection for finding the truth is just plan impossible. What distance can a ruler measure if the ruler itself is flawed? What truth can a person explore if the flaw is inherent? As an observer, its tremendously interesting to see the assumptions broken at unexpected moments? Its humbling actually to note people changing in front of the eyes. Long live voyeurism! LoL.

After seeing (too) many of my friends succumbing finally to that haloed institution called marriage to finish their single lives, I’ve baptised this year hereby as the ‘Year of the Marriages’. Way too many marriages, too many life long brothers deciding to end their life of freedom as known, this year shall be reminisced for single handedly crushing with the peer pressure the remaining singles into agreement for a marriage. Or that just tells me guys are or atleast the ones I know are getting married at the age of 26-27.


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