Back to full-time employment

I’ve been an entrepreneur for two years now and it’s been a really great deal of fun and excitement. Not to forget the tears. For me, being an entrepreneur meant having the freedom to pursue my dreams – to be able to have a career on my own terms, unleashing my creativity, meet interesting people, learn a lot lot more than a normal job would ever allow me to and being able to work with some really fantastic folks. Technically it has been a ride – learning PHP, Flex, Erlang, Rails, Python, Ruby, JSF, Irrlicht, C#, Javascript and couple more – and then working on such systems as Garment Simulation, designing websites, ERP, couple of interesting products, and many more prototypes. Meeting potential investors, clients, negotiations, and then looking almost everything from the big picture mode – it was fabulous.

As all good things come to an end, so did this. Of course it was only going to be a very special opportunity that a spoilt bloke like me would take up. I believe I found that opportunity in Cozy Games and after a month of working there I do really believe it is so. I’ve joined fulltime as solutions architect on their development team collaborating on their some of their ambitious projects. This is in an area I know very less of, but never the less have been interested in for a very long time.

The last few weeks have been a great rush and have had a particularly good ride. And really looking forward to have more times like these. Looking forward to talk in future about things we’ve been working on in the next few weeks.

Thank you one and all who had been a part of the interesting journey of the last two years. We shall have many more – that I promise.


10 thoughts on “Back to full-time employment

  1. Just came here to see whats going on with you. Its been a long time and I dont know if you remember me 🙂

    I ran a company for two years and then got back to being an employee. So I know exactly how it is. But never ever call it ‘full time’ employment. It never can be. It never will be. Thats impossible. The entrepreneurial itch is too hard to resist.

  2. @Namitha
    Of course I remember you!

    And yes aye aye to what you say. Definitely, the itch is way too hard to resist – only point is I’m getting to be entrepreneurial as well as take some cash home now! But yes give me a couple of years give or take and I will be back to this. Definitely.

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