Announcing Barcamp Hyderabad 7!

Short notice. The next in the series of Barcamps in Hyderabad is going to be on Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS and Virtualization.

With SaaS gaining mainstream recognition, amplified by the advent of virtualization platforms and web based computing options,, the enterpirse infrastructure is rapidly morphing into a large a computing cloud. This spans dedicated servers, virtualized platforms, web based hosting, solutions in SaaS model, solutions built on PaaS, and much of these ready for interactions in a Web2.0 model , and integration using the SOA backbone. This brings forth new possibilities for solution architectures, infrastructure and tools, and a deployment considerations for applications and business applciations/products. This camp will discuss different facets of this emerging space.

Clearly India is geared towards this model by design and strategically. Many firms in India are still in very pre-nascent stages with lack of any computing infrastructure to support their blazing growth. Outsourced technology and infrastructure handling is the best value add for them from the Cloud Computing Platform.

What are your viewpoints and ideas on the same? Have an opinion to share, a view point to put forward or clearly a new point everyone has sorely missed on the Cloud Computing bangwagon. Why don’t you drop in at the Barcamp Hyderabad 7?

Theme: Computing on cloud 9 (SaaS/PaaS/Virtualization and more)
August 9th 2008. Saturday 30th Aug 2008, Saturday
Venue : IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli Amazon Development Centre (India) Pvt Ltd
9th Floor, Maximus 2B,
Raheja MindSpace (Next to TCS Deccan Park)
Madhapur, Hyderabad

Note: Startup Saturday that starts at 9.30am will precede the Barcamp proceedings on that day.


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