IT professionals of AP. Unite against the injustice meted out to us…


  • Mr. Krishna Madiga had raised objection to scenes in movie Kanthri for depicting the SC/Backward castes as criminals.
  • Mr. Krishna Madiga had also raised for another scene in the movie ‘Gorintaaku’ for haivng a dialogue which showed physically handicapped in bad light.
  • Mr. Eeshwara Rao has raised objection to scenes in the movie ‘Ready’ as objectionable to the art of Kuchipudi dance form.

In the light of the above objections raised and in anticipation of many many more objections that will be raised for depicting anything in bad light in movies, I, a IT professional in AP hereby propose that all movies depicting IT professionals in bad light (ugly, with paunches, losers, balding, dowry hungry, comic) be banned immediately. Some of the movies depicting us all in very bad light are Pokiri and Pellaina Kotthalo and many more. We also propose that henceforth no comedian be made to depict our profession as that goes on to show that every IT professional is a good for nothing, loser, ugly guy. We also propose that henceforth only well educated, good looking actors only be used to enact the roles of IT professionals. This is a very serious demand considering the significant contribution IT has done to GDP of India and its image abroad.

I, also propose an amendment to our Constitution to add the 8th Fundamental Right to the already existing rights – the right to feel offended.

P.S: I just hope this revolution will shake the foundations of the Government and make all future film makers take notice of our objections.

PSPS: This form of writing is called ‘sarcasm’.

5 thoughts on “IT professionals of AP. Unite against the injustice meted out to us…

  1. AMAV is the first movie that comes to mind… Fresher without any exp or knowledge, coding in one night what a bunch of people had done in weeks, after downing a bottle of rum… demeaning our profession… it doesn’t get any worse than this 😛

    Maybe we should form an IT peoples party, and file a defamation suit against Venkatesh for his depiction of an IT “professional” 😀

  2. @Bhanu
    Talking of the one night genius, there was this movie ‘Okarikokaru’ – same type, simple guy one night genius – does what a team could not do in weeks. And the style of having comedians playing the software engineers – Ali in 143, Pellaina Kotthalo, Brahmaanandam in Pokiri.

    Yes and surely we should form the IT people’s party and file the defamation suit against all these directors, producers and actors depicting the IT guys in such bad light.

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