Value System, Vision & Leaders

The question for leaders is how we can create a system to attract the
best people, because the main fight of the 21st century is not about
assets. The main struggle in the 19th century was about the land. In
the 20th century, it was about industrial assets and natural
resources. In 21st century, the main fight will be for the best people.
Because people need to believe they want to work for you, that they can
realize themselves in your company. To attract them, we need to have
the right system in place and develop them for the long term. Many
companies are not ready to do this because they hire people, but they
don’t spend enough time or effort in developing them. I think leaders
need to be very, very committed to these types of things.

Ruben Vardanian, Russia’s Best-Know Investment Banker on Trust, Companies, Vision and Leaders. Go Read the whole article on the K@W website for a whole lot of better info than the one quoted above.

Two years in a business role, this makes perfect sense. Every business is people business.


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