Rediscovering books

About a year since, my book reading habits reached an all time low. Vengeance struck and hence three books lie at the bottom of my mind ocean.

  • Sophie’s World – Comes highly recommended. Rediscovered the joy of philosophy and critical thinking. The matrix of books.
  • Motorcycle Diaries – Bit disappointed but well it was fine. Might have to start reading the later literary works of Che. Maybe I’m better off watching the movie.
  • Blink –  Eye-opening take on the inner workings of the gut. Almost done. The anecdotes and the stories are especially entertaining.

3 thoughts on “Rediscovering books

  1. Motorcycle Diaries happens to be one my all time favs !

    Have u seen the movie? It was gud too.
    Also, there is an ongoing series on NatGeo or Discovery where two travelers are reliving the route done by Ernesto and Alberto 🙂

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