khona jaaye yeh taare zameen par…

what a year this has been for the indian film industry. we got to see pure entertainers like OSO, Bheja Fry, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Johnny Gaddar and offbeat movies like Chak De India, Manorama 6 Feet Under. and now inarguably one of the best child centric movies in almost a decade – taare zameen par.

TZP is a very rare exception of a children’s movie made with rare sense of poignancy about a child and his vivid and limitless world with a rare glimpse of Calvinesque approach to mathematics [ 9 x 3 thing … if you know what i mean]. brilliantly executed, this movie once again proves that nothing can make wonders as a well executed script driven story.

much misunderstood and almost always maligned it is very heartening to see a mainstream effort to create awareness about this problem.

team effort

what an effort by the team! story and screenplay by amole gupte, lyrics by prasoon joshi, music by shankar ehsaan loy, picture perfect casting [special mention: darsheel zafary is a find, tisca chopra is amazing], direction by aamir. salute to aamir for having the conviction to produce this movie.

who was the one that did the animations for this movie? esp the titles. take a bow, amazing work!


there are a hazaar scenes in the movie that really made it worthwhile but the ones that stand out for me personally

1. the scenes of the special needs children’s stageshow. the joy and the happiness on the faces of their parents … priceless.

2. when ishan discovers that ram has made his potrait on the canvas.

3. aamir’s confrontation scene with his parents and especially his father.


7 thoughts on “khona jaaye yeh taare zameen par…

  1. and how can one miss that incident where Ishan’s Dad comes and says to Aamir.. that He is not the kind of the parent.. jo apne bachchon ka khayal nahi rakhte !! The next few words from Aamir are so touching..

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