dreamers dream

The blog sabbatical shall continue for another few days (ok, a day more at the very least), but I got to read about an amazing person and heck it was too bad to let others miss out on this person.

No this isnt a post about the narcisstic me, but truly a inspiring person to know or atleast know that existed. Enter Randy Pausch, a CMU professor who is definitely NOT a brick in the wall.

Read about him at his online footprint: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/

That brings us to the question Why him? Why now? Well, he has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and has about a few more months of life left. And given below is a link to his last speech he gave at CMU which is probably one of the very few life advice that I rate very high after Guy Kawasaki’s.

The transcript is here. [pdf file] The video of the same here

3 thoughts on “dreamers dream

  1. truly inspirational..
    I started reading the transcript and was transfixed for the next half hour.

    ever since I read it, I have been thinking of all my childhood dreams.

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