gandhigiri ki chamchagiri

obsequiousness is a huge understatement. this is chamchagiri at its worst – or call that ass-kicking of a kind that we will never ever see for some time together. ok, i feel lighter now..

oh sorry, seems like you are completely confused, dear reader. here goes, let me give you a background.

the hon’ble [irony intended] chief minister of andhra pradesh, mr y s rajashekhar reddy came to power in about mid 2004. and since then started gandhigiri albeit of a different kind

  • hyderabad airport to rajiv gandhi international airport
  • nagarhole national park renamed to rajv gandhi wildlife sanctuary
  • rajiv gandhi institute of medical sciences
  • indiramma scheme for rural development
  • indiramma housing scheme
  • indiramma women employment scheme
  • intintiki indiramma [ghar ghar to indiramma]
  • indiramma sambaralu [indiramma celebrations]
  • west kandriga from east godavari renamed as indiramma graamam
  • rajiv internet village project
  • kukatpally housing board colony renamed as rajiv colony

the above list is just a tip of the number of schemes introduced since 2004. as you can observer, everything just about everything done by the congress government in ap has to be named either after rajiv gandhi or indira gandhi. just a gandhigiri of a different type, just too obvious to miss. two things to ponder over:

  • are there no other national leaders of india, pre or post-independence who deserve to be named after?
  • what have either of two have done for the state of ap? neither the chanakya, the late prime minister pv narasimha rao got such an honor inspite of all his accomplishments.

7 thoughts on “gandhigiri ki chamchagiri

  1. hahaha…… I would doubt if neone can disagree with your comments….its been a sad state of affairs. But has congress ever thought beyond a gandhi except may be for a brief stint by Lal Bahadur shastri and the chanakya. PV fell out of the good books of the Gandhi family and could not get the honor that he so deserved…..

    But one instance really increased my respect (???) for Sonai Gandhi. The master stroke of making Manmohan singh as the Prime Minister. No one could have pulled off such a thing….you have the power as well as ppl sympathy in your court. The BJP has never recovered from this and is still clueless…

    If you look at the step in a larger context, I would like to call it corporatisation of Indian Government if I may draw a parallel with a real life organization. Sonia Gandhi while being the true owner has instituted a management team to run the govt on her behalf while she is focussed on promoting Rahul’s gandhi’s career and retaining a tight leash over congress..and who can forget the all sacrificing reputation that she created for herself….

    Who said you can get the best of both worlds.. she’s got the best from all the worlds that can possibly exist….

  2. @kiran
    as an afterthought, more like turning the complete government into a family owned business.

    but yes have to agree, sonia making mr. singh the prime minister was a masterstroke. shrewd, calculating and intelligent she is

    i do agree its obvious, point is there is a limit. and its just getting over the top, sycofantic exbitionism at its worst.

    are the other states too under a gandhi attack? thanks for the tip!

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