my name is bond. james bond.

Shilpa is being considered for Bond girl sez Rediff; its quite old news. But when producers think that she is an asset to the movie (irony abounds) because she has a great following among Asians (oh which was the last film that was a hit because of Miss Shetty?), its stretching marketability too far. But what takes the cake is this:

Another factor in Shilpa’s favour is that she has some former experience of dealing with Bond-style villains. While starring in “Celebrity Big Brother”, Shilpa was subjected to sustained bullying by Big Brother veteran Jade Goody, former S Club singer Jo O’Meara and glamour girl Danielle Lloyd.

Kid me not. I am having a hearty laugh at Rediff’s expense. Truemors, you stand no chance when we have portals like Rediff around here.


5 thoughts on “my name is bond. james bond.

  1. rofl .. and when you are in a mood to tear your hair out do read the comments in there …
    once I read the comments in the rediff articles, and I am still recovering from it …

  2. @himank
    yeah heres to laughs and long lives

    maybe maybe not. on a sidenote though, im yet to see a bond girl for whom being the bond girl did any wonders to her or her career.

    no idea man. its just one of those hrithik-to-play-brother-of-rambo rumors mostly

    yep rediff comments are the most hilarious ones out there. no second opinions about that.

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